How Sex And Weed Can Be Best Buddies?

Scientists have confirmed that weed can enhance your sex life. The credit for this finding goes to Dr Michael Eisenberg, Stanford University. People come rolling in his office for various reasons. And almost all the issues are pertaining to the bedroom. In fact, it was so common, he was tempted to look further into the matter.

weed and sex
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After gathering data from the U.S. government’s National Survey of Family Growth, he analysed how often people had sex and how often they took part in other activities. Surprisingly, couples who smoked weed before indulging in sexual activities almost always performed successfully in the bedroom.

1. Reducing Anxiety

Not many people experience sexual anxiety but for those who do, you know what I am talking about. Things might be getting hot and heavy in the bedroom but suddenly your brain starts overthinking. What if I cannot satisfy them? What if I don’t get an erection? Are they enjoying it? Millions of questions will jam our head into believing we’re useless, and tada! The mood is gone.

weed and sex
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But it has been observed that smoking marijuana might lessen your anxiety. Thus, enabling you to perform better. You won’t be worrying about your unpaid bills or penis’s shape and size any more. You’re more confident.

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2. Heighten Senses 

When you’re high, you know exactly what you want. Nothing is clogging your mind. Instead of squeaking ‘Yeah, it’s good’ or just remaining silent, the high opens the third eye of lust. Maybe the only time you’re truly aware of your senses is when you’re exercising. Switching on your self-confidence helps you to ask for something different.

weed and sex
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Be Aware Of The Following:

1. Consuming Edibles

Edibles make it the entire task a lot easier. Furthermore, if you have children then edibles make it easier for you to achieve the high without risking their health. But edibles might not be as effective and might take time to kick in. You should experiment with it, taking in a little with time to see how it affects you.

2. Use Lots of Lubes

Smoking might give your partner “Cotton Vagina” due to incessant smoking. You might want to have lube at hand if it the severity of the problem makes sex uncomfortable.

3. Don’t Experiment Just Before Your Big Performance

You should always see how your body handles the high before you indulge in sexual activities. Take small doses of it. It will help you analyze how much is okay for you.

weed and sex
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