Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle – 7 Best Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles

Hrithik Roshan, while being a great actor and dancer, is also one of India’s biggest fashion icons. The people love his drop-dead gorgeous hairstyles so much that a large part of the male population has adopted various versions of the Hrithik Roshan hairstyle.

And this is not just because they idolise him, which is a part of it, but also because of how good they look on anyone with any type of hair. And it is not a surprise, as he was ranked the ‘Sexiest Asian Male’ of 2019 and the 2010s decade in an international poll conducted by the British weekly news source- Eastern Eye. The Hrithik Roshan hairstyle catalogue is so vast and all-embracing that we are pretty sure that there is a hairstyle in it for every kind of hair.

Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle – 7 Best Hrithik Roshan Hairstyles

If you are one of those who want to adopt one of Hrithik Roshan’s hairstyles, or simply want to search for an attractive hairstyle, we have compiled a list of Hrithik Roshan’s best hairstyles over the years just for you, along with tips on how to grow and maintain these hairstyles.

The Slicked back Taper fade

Hrithik Roshan Beardo Look
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Hrithik Roshan War Look 1
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Hrithik Roshan War Look 2
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THE most iconic look of Hrithik, which practically sealed the deal for his rankings in 2019, the slicked back taper fade hairstyle had the fanbase drooling after him. This hairstyle, complemented very well by the beard, is the hottest look he has ever exhibited. Although similar styles were demonstrated by him, the War look- as dubbed by the people, is the best among any and all Hrithik Roshan hairstyles.

If you want to flaunt this, you will need to grow out your hair until a satisfactory length is reached, while maintaining it properly with shampoos, conditioners and any other hair products and directing it to a certain position by combing it backwards while wet every day. When the required length is reached, ask your barber to give you a taper fade haircut. Growing the beard will likely enhance the look.

The Side-parted Medium Mane

Hrithik Roshan ZNMD Look 1
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Hrithik Roshan ZNMD Look 2
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Hrithik Roshan ZNMD Look
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Styled and displayed for a movie that is one of the epitomes of Bollywood, the Arjun look is the most stylish of all Hrithik’s famed mane. It is the modern mane, a mane style that is fitting for any and all occasions. The mane itself gives off the bad-boy vibes while the side parting adds a lot of extra class to it. Overall, an iconic look from the ‘Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle‘ catalogue.

To get this style, you’d need proper daily care and maintenance of your hair while also directing it to the right position (combing the sides backwards and making a proper parting. You need to do this while growing out your hair till you reach a satisfactory length.

The Messy side-parted fade

Hrithik Roshan Calvin Klein Look 1
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Hrithik Roshan CK Look 2
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Hrithik Roshan CK Look 3
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One of the easier and common looks, this one is very popular with the younger ages. Seen on display in the Calvin Klein ads and other shoots during that time, Hrithik looks like the quintessential bad boy in this. Add in the beard and he becomes the perfect bad boy.

To parade this one, again you need to grow out your hair while maintaining to become silky smooth and directing it to the desired parting. When you’ve reached a good length of hair, ask your barber to give you a fade cut. Then, after going through the daily hair care routine, once your hair is dry, mess it up in the direction of the parting.

The Slicked Back Long Mane

Hrithik Roshan Agneepath Look 1
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Hrithik Roshan Look
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Agneepath is one of Hrithik’s best performances as an actor. And that acting was very well complimented by the perfect styling of his character. While the ‘Mane’ has been flaunted by many stars in many places over the years, it was seen as a very old-fashioned look. And while the Hrithik Roshan hairstyle changed to the Mane somewhere around 2006, it was Vijay who sold it as a modern look.

The way to style like this is almost the same as the side-parted mane, except that the side parting isn’t done. Rather the hair is combed backwards.

The Side-Parting

Hrithik Rosh Nivea Look
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Hrithik Roshan HRX Look
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Hrithik Roshan Casual Look
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A very common yet classic look, this was the style that Hrithik reverted to when not flaunting his famed mane. Hrithik displayed the side part in many ads, especially the Nivea ads. This one is more popular with middle-aged men.

Rather easy to grow, all you need to do to flaunt this one is daily care and directing the hair to the proper position.

The Iconic Hrithik Roshan Long Mane

Hrithik Roshan Krrish Look
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Hrithik Roshan Casual Look 2
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Hrithik Roshan Model Look
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The original Hrithik Roshan mane, the long mane was first seen in the movie Krrish. This was the look that made Hrithik a modern fashion icon of Bollywood and also showed the people that the prodigal young actor that they’d seen before had now grown into a great one. The long hair, along with the perfect abs and the clean shaved face (a beard style that was much preferred by the female folk) had all the women drooling at his site. Since then, there have been many versions of the mane, from slicked back in Agneepath to the curly one in Bang Bang, but this is the origin of the famed Hrithik Roshan hairstyle– The Mane.

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Again, the process of growing out the long mane is the same as the previous manes, except this time the combing is to make sure the hair doesn’t fall too much towards the side and grows more backwards.

The Pony Tail

Hrithik Roshan pony tail Look
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Hrithik Roshan Pony Tail Look
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Hrithik Roshan Pony Tail Look 2
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While not pictured much, Hrithik did flaunt the ponytail at one point. Considered one of the best styles for long hair, the ponytail is a style that a lot of stars display when they grow out their hair, especially European football stars. The ponytail is grown the same way as a mane and then some more so that there is enough hair to tie a not around.


So, these were the best of the vast Hrithik Roshan hairstyle catalogue. From his famed mane to the iconic ‘War Look’. We hope you enjoyed this article and found what you were looking for.

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FAQs About Hrithik Roshan Hairstyle

How long does it take to grow a mane?

Depends on the hair growth rate of every individual. On average, around 2 months.

Can I give a Fade to myself on my own?

While you could do that, it is better to get it done by a professional.

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