7 Tips To Maintain Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Lockdown

The government has ordered a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spreading of coronavirus. Now, while it is an important step to maintain the public health of the country, this lockdown can take a serious toll on your mental health. So, here are 7 tips to maintain your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown

1. Restrict your intake of information related to coronavirus

The world is simply talking about one thing now-coronavirus. however, constantly subjecting yourself to news regarding death and the pandemic can be quite depressing. Hence, stick to 30 minutes of coronavirus news intake per day.

7 tips to maintain your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown
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2. Exercise

Not being able to hit the gym shouldn’t stop you from being fit. There are plenty of exercises that you can do from home. Lookup for some interesting dance videos and routines, to make things fun.

7 tips to maintain your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown
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3. Stay connected

Use this time to get in contact with people. Contribute to a sense of togetherness that is going to be pivotal in our ability to cope both now and in the weeks ahead. Try to connect with people who you haven’t heard from in a while or people in your community who are likely to be isolated right now. The additional time at home can bring tension but it can also be an ideal opportunity to reconnect and strengthen relationships within the family.

4. Create

Unleash your creative potential. Many of us are closeted artists who haven’t been able to pursue our artistic passion owing to a lot of pressures. Now is the time to bring out the artist in you. Paint, write, sing, dance-redeem the artist inside you.

5. Maintain healthy sleep habits

While dozing through the entire day might seem to be a very good idea, don’t fall in the trap of unhealthy sleep cycles. Changes to your sleep cycle now could go on to impact your mood in the weeks and months ahead. Scheduling a balanced range of activities in your day – including physical exercise, connecting with others, and pleasant and relaxing activities – can also help with your sleep quality.

6. learn a new skill

For the workaholics out there, the feeling of being not productive enough can cause severe anxiety. Hence, this is the best time to learn a new skill. There are various platforms online that can help you with the same. So go and enhance your CV.

7. Self-care

In the busy-ness of 21st-century life, we can find it hard to introduce and consistently implement self-care in our everyday lives. Take the opportunity to sample some activities such as meditation, yoga, walking, baking, reading, etc. Think of the small changes which you could bring with you into life post-coronavirus.

This is surely a difficult time, but we will come out of this. We can again hug people, go to bars, eat out. Till then just hang in there and take care of your mental and physical health. And in case you are extremely bored, why not create an online dating profile. Here is some helpHappn Guide – How To Make Perfect Profile To Get Matches You Want.

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