What Is My Face Shape? Simple Guide To Know Your Face Shape

Ever wondered about your face shape, how it resembles. If not, it is the most necessary point you are missing on. One’s face shape is the key factor to choose hairstyles, beards or even sunglasses which are perfect for you. Alas, the point is many guys lack the concern and knowledge about their face shape. So follow and go through the below path and claim your face shape.

The Essentials to Determine Your Face Shape:

1. A notepad – Just to record your observations
2. A tape –  For the measuring purpose
3. A mirror – Large enough to capture the full facial view
4. Your face – I suppose it needs to be there!

Simple Guide To Know Your Face Shape

The Steps Involved to Find Your Face Shape: 

1. Measure your Forehead

How to know your face shape

The forehead should be scaled from the broader part i.e. from one eyebrow’s peak to another.

2. Measure Your Cheekbones

How to know your face shape

The cheekbones tap runs down one corner of the eye to another. You may encounter nose in the midst of it.

3. Measure Your Jawline

How to know your face shape

Bring the tape below to the tip of the chin and scale it along the edge of your jaw upwards. Make sure to note the length just as it reaches below the ear.

4. Measure Your Face Length

How to know your face shape

It is the vertical parameter. Start from the middle of your hairline and row vertically down to the tip of your chin.

5. Analyze Your Record

Note down each of your measurements and deduce your face shape from the details below.

What’s your Face Shape?

How to Know your Face Shape

1. The Round Face


How to know your face shape

The round face calls for symmetry. You will notice that your face length and that of cheekbones are almost equal. You can find the rounded edges of your jaw asserting it to be the round one.

2. The Oval Face

How to know your face shape

Oval face showcases the oval facial features making the width slightly shorter than length. The hair and jawlines are curved and the pointy chin draws more attention.

3. The Square Face

How to know your face shape

The Square plays the Equivalence rule and certainly, all including forehead, cheekbones, jawline and face length makes out identical measurements.  But here, curves are minimum and you can expect sharper angles.

4. Heart Shape Face

How to know your face shape

Just like the heart shape, you will possess a wider forehead than the jawlines and cheekbones. Except for the rounded chin or pointy chin to the bottom to cement the heart shape.

5. The Triangle Face

How to know your face shape

It’s the inversion for the heart shape. You can notice the jawline to be longer than rest of the competitors and forehead proving to be the shortest. And the curvy hairline will make it perfect to guess the triangle.

6. The Oblong Face

How to know your face shape

It takes oval to another height and upgrading its facial length. You will see more narrow and round chin and certainly shorter cheekbones and forehead length.

7. The Diamond Face

How to know your face shape

The face length parameter dwarfs the rest here along with a narrow hairline. The high cheekbones with the pointy chins contribute for the major diamond appearance.

By now you must have figure out to which house you belong to and you can carry on to check out their articles best for your faces shape. In case it’s a no, you must have focused on Maths back in school then!

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