What Is Workplace Bullying And Why It Needs More Attention

We should never encourage bullying. Cases of bullying of students by other fellow students or even teachers in schools and colleges have lately gained attention and thereby has reduced to some extent. Similarly, workplace bullying deserves some attention too.

Why Workplace Bullying Deserves More Attention
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It is a major problem too, leading to several consequences. Bullying of any type leads to mental harassment and disturbs the lives of the victims. In the 21st Century where the corporate sector is developing at rapid strides, workplace bullying exists in almost every company or industry. Cases of employees being bullied by employers surface in the news occasionally, but soon the news is either silenced or denied.

Some Examples Of Workplace Bullying

Why Workplace Bullying Deserves More Attention
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  • Employers giving loads of work to the employees that are beyond their capability
  • Employers giving less amount of work making the employees feel useless
  • Verbal abuse by seniors that sometimes turn physical
  • Sexual harassment
  • Making their colleagues the subject of gossips
  • Ideas suggested by employees being belittled
  • Giving meaningless tasks
  • Stealing deserved credit
  • Making their colleagues the target of sexist and racist jokes
  • Constantly ignoring applications of leave, promotion, etc

Negative Effects 

1. Effect On The Victim

The victim subjected to workplace bullying is highly exposed to the chances of having stress leading to depression or in worst cases trauma. When a person faces continuous mental harassment for a long time, he is likely to break down mentally which may lead to suicide. Workplace bullying can also have lethal outcomes. The employees out of aggression and frustration may attempt to harm the employers to take revenge.

2. Effect On The Business

When the victims of workplace bullying reach their limit, they end up resigning from the company. Even when they don’t, the productivity offered by such employees decreases. This when happens on a large scale reduces profit. Besides, if the news of the bullying goes out, it will spoil the reputation of the company.

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How To Tackle Workplace Bullying

  • Strict policies and regulations need to made to prevent workplace bullying. Corporations of every sector should follow these policies to make the workplace a safer and healthier place.
  • The victims should speak up against it. They should not suffer bullying in silence out of fear. The victims should talk to their family and friends.
  • The employers should be considerate and treat their employees as humans rather than machines working under them.

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