Why Sleeping Without An Underwear Might Be a Great Idea

In India, we seldom give preference to privacy. We grow up learning the conventions of the society and keeping our nudity in utmost check. However, recent western studies have shown that sleeping without an underwear has many benefits. For those who have the opportunity to shed their clothes tonight or who are waiting to get their private nights with their partner, this article will shed light on ultimate benefits of sleeping naked.

Improves Body health

Sleeping without an underwear allows the skin to breathe and also the private area. Bacteria multiply in the moisture and warm temperature. Shedding off clothes helps to keep those areas cool and dry decreasing the bacterial growth and infection chances. For men, some studies have shown that sleeping naked helps to keep the testicle temperature lower which helps in increasing the sperm quality. This is particularly important to be able to conceive a child with a partner. However, newer studies reflect that men are free to wear anything they feel comfortable in or can also be naked as it does not have any effect on sperm count. Though having a good night sleep ultimately affects the sperm count and a stronger libido and so the quality of sleep should always be given more importance.

Body Temperature

One of the outright benefits of sleeping naked is that it helps to lower body temperature. This helps to relax the body and keep stress in check. A person falls asleep easily in an environment which is about 16 to 20 degree Celsius when their skin is cooler. These parameters are for western people where the temperature is usually colder than India. For us, to run our air conditioners at this temperature might freeze us to a common cold. Here, about 24 to 28 degree Celsius temperature is recommended to set on the air conditioner. Having a great sleep helps the body in numerous ways.

Sleeping Without an Underwear

Comfortable Sleep

Sleeping naked keeps the body free from agitation which helps to have a comfortable sleep. It not only makes us easily fall asleep but also improves the sleep quality. A cooler body helps to stay in deep sleep period for a longer time, which means you wake up less during the night. Our body repairs itself during the sleep and its vital for proper brain functioning.

Elixir of life

When our body remains cooler it also affects our brain activity. Warmer skin causes increased activity in the areas of the brain that regulates sleep cycle, that means more disturbed sleep. In a cooler body, our brain releases hormones such as melatonin and growth hormone which are the anti-aging hormones. This means body stay younger when we get better sleep.

Keep that weight in check

During our sleep, the body releases several hormones like growth hormone and decreases the stress hormone that is cortisol. Especially during the time period between 10 pm and 2 am the brain is in deep sleep and cortisol levels are lower in the body while growth hormone is higher. In the morning, when it is time to wake up cortisol levels are pushed higher to get our body ready for the day’s work. However, when we do not take proper sleep cortisol levels remain high throughout the night and urge us to eat food that calms us down, at the same time increasing the appetite and make us overeat. Having a proper sleep help us burn body fat, as our brain requires energy to perform all of its functions.


Sleeping naked helps to build intimacy leading to a healthier relationship. Sex is an important part of human life and its the most effective way to get into the most skin to skin contact. It is a perfect medicine for the mind and body. Having skin contact increases the levels of oxytocin and helps to reduce levels of cortisol. Orgasm is itself a great medicine for insomnia. It helps to build the immune system and can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Sex is good, everybody knows that right!

Sleeping without an underwear
So take off your underwear tonight for a healthy sleep.


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