Here Are The 3 Main Reasons Why People Ghost Others

Not everyone is made for everyone. You are not supposed to like every person you meet every day and a sudden likeness or attraction doesn’t lead to a life long relationship. You find ways to get rid of such people by politely refusing their invitations or by being plain rude. The same must have happened to you too, at least once. But the question is, why do people ghost other people?

3 Reasons Why People Ghost Others
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Here are the three basic reasons why people ghost others:

1. Superiority Complex

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Ghost Others
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Some people avoid others because they believe they are superior to others in some pathetic sense. These are the usual things such people say right before ghosting you:

  • I’m sorry, I’m too good for you.
  • It’s okay, you don’t belong to the level I’m at.
  • I’m not at all sorry for raising your hopes, you should know your place.
  • Back off! You’ve come too far up from where you belong.

When someone throws such comments at your face, you need to understand that they want you to get the hell out of their life. They are some self-obsessed freaks who think too highly of themselves.

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Ghost Others
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2. Inferiority Complex

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Ghost Others
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On the other hand, some people prefer making minimal contact with others as they think they don’t deserve the company of others. The usual catchphrases they use before ghosting others are-

  • I’m sorry, you’re too good for me.
  • You should not waste your time with me, you deserve someone better.
  • Leave me at my place, I don’t deserve so much attention.

These kind of people are the introverted ones who lack self-esteem and think too lowly of themselves. They have the false notion in mind that the world is too good for them. When they ghost you, it’s probable that they want you by their side but are too hesitant to ask for your company.

3. I’m Ghosting You Because I Simply Don’t Like You!

The 3 Main Reasons Why People Ghost Others
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Well, we tend to ignore people we don’t like or aren’t interested in. Sometimes we have reasons but mostly we simply don’t like them, without any specific reason. We usually reply to their texts like-

  • I’m sorry, I’ll be busy today, tomorrow and forever.
  • I’ve got no time to listen to you.
  • Please leave me alone.
  • *Blocks the person*

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