5 Common Whey Protein Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe

Every fitness freak and bodybuilder has heard about the must-have protein supplement – whey protein powder. It is derived from cow’s milk and has a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0. Which means it can be digested very easily by the body.

whey protein myths debunked
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Yet this staple requirement of every gym-goer has attracted many controversies. People often confuse it with steroid, but it is as safe as a cow’s milk.

Here are some of the popular myths surrounding it: 

1. All Proteins Are Equal

Our body requires 22 amino acids, out of which 13 are naturally produced by our body. The remaining is supplied by our food intake. Not all protein is the same. It depends on the food item. Vegans don’t have a proper source of protein. They need to take supplements to meet their body’s requirements.

whey protein myths debunked
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But whey protein is a complete source of protein and provides one with all the required 9 amino acids. Plus, it can be digested quickly.

2. Whey Protein Is Unnatural

Whey protein is 100% natural. It is derived from cow’s milk which has two components – casein and whey. While casein is the cottage cheese (or, paneer), whey is the leftover liquid.

whey protein myth debunked
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3. Cooking Whey Protein Denatures It

Commercial bakers have been using it in their recipes since antiquity for enhanced browning of their baked goods. You might have to adjust your recipe a bit so the end-product doesn’t appear dry and dehydrated. Cooking whey might change its composition a little but the protein content will more or less remain the same.

whey protein myths debunked
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4. It Damages Your Kidneys

There are no shreds of evidence to prove that its intake has increased one’s susceptibility to kidney stones. The latter is formed when our urine contains crystal-forming substances. But if one has a history of kidney stones or might already have one, they should consult a doctor before incorporating whey protein into their diet. To flush out the protein by-products, water and fibre-rich food intake should be increased.

whey protein myths debunked
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5. Too Much Of It Can Make Women Bulky

Whey protein metabolises faster if ingested after a workout. But nowhere it has been implied that after drinking whey protein, a woman will bulk-up. A females body lacks the hormone testosterone which is essential for muscle building.

It can only enhance and lean their arms and legs.

whey protein myths debunked
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