7 Ways To Know If That Physique Is Built Of Steroids


We all admire a well built physique. Be it for bodybuilding purpose or to attract attention, a well-toned body with abs is a gem to the eyes. But sometimes people don’t want to dedicate themselves for a long time in gym and diet, so they use the shortcut, A drug, commonly called steroids to fasten the process of losing weight and building muscles. And usually can be tested by a medical blood test, but here is a compilation of visible signs, the simple ways to know if that physique is built of steroids.

1Body Acne

The first and very easily visible sign is the acne. Usually, acne and outbreaks occur on the face but when someone uses steroids, the body starts producing testosterone very fast, and it cannot handle the hormone levels at the same pace. This gives rise to acne on various body parts especially back and shoulder areas. It is one of the easiest ways to know if that physique is built of steroids.

Body acne
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2Stretch marks 

What steroids do is it fastens up the build-up of muscles. But the body is not prepared for such sudden transition. When you workout in Gym and gradually gain muscle, your body knows the process, the building of muscles and such. But it is not the same with steroids. The stretch marks appear with sudden stretching of muscles and skin and sometimes these marks remain permanently.

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3Disproportionate body

Yes, it is possible to have a disproportionate body because of genetics. It is not a definite sign but it happens when steroid is used. But when people use steroids, the upper body grows faster than the lower body making the person look disproportionate. It is one of the most visible ways to know if that physique is built of steroids.

Disproportionate body
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4Flushed Skin

Steroids raise body temperature and blood pressure levels. You can easily distinguish between normal skin and a flushed red or pink skin. The skin will look as if it was exposed to sun and heat for some time.

Flushed Skin
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This is a condition where men begin to develop breast muscles similar to women. The nipples become puffier and soft. It is easily distinguished from a normal man’s nipple. This happens when there is an excess of testosterone in the body and the body releases estrogen (the female hormone) to balance out the effects. The male body contains estrogen but it is usually at low levels. But in this case, the estrogen levels rise and make a man’s nipples look like female nipples and is one of the few biologically dependent ways to know if that physique is built of steroids.

ways to know if that physique is built of steroids. 
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6Enlarged Jaw

People do have a naturally wide jawline, But you may notice a sudden enlargement of the jaw when a person starts using steroids.  This happens due to HGH and fluctuation in hormone levels. Just like every other medicine steroids have side effects too.

Enlarged Jaw
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You may notice someone with good physique, ripped muscles and veins popping out and yet having a bloated tummy. Yes, it will look weird for sure. Steroids that are used for bulking or gaining mass causes water retention and bloating in belly areas or maybe even in other body parts. This bloating is visible and is one of the good ways to know if that physique is built of steroids.

ways to know if that physique is built of steroids
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