2020 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Gift Ideas For Her

Are you and your significant other gradually rolling into another Valentine’s day? Do you have someone special in your life? Do you just want to gift your mom a little something to celebrate her presence in your life? It’s quite normal to run out of ideas. Has it ever happened to you whenever someone asked you to name your favourite song and you proceeded to forget every song you’ve ever listened to? Yeah, it’s something like that but the impact might last longer than expected. Wink, wink. To help reduce the pain of brainstorming, here are 5 gift ideas for her:

1. Moi By Nykaa Eau de Parfum/Mini Pocket Perfume

moi by nykaa

Recently, I purchased the pocket perfume Amour, Moi by Nykaa. I was tempted to make the said purchase after reading a review where a person had described it as themselves. Needless to say, I haven’t been disappointed. Maybe it’s because I have bought it with my own money but the smell has never felt so close to my heart. It’s the perfect mixture of floral and musk. You can purchase the item here. The pocket edition is quite affordable and you can buy more than three with the price of one perfume bottle.

2. Salt and Pepper shakers from Chumbak

salt and pepper shaker from chumbak

A couple of months ago I bought a whale-shaped salt and pepper shaker from Chumbak for me and my boyfriend and we were very thrilled. The size is considerably large. The colour and the product is excellent. Plus, the whale is very cute. If your girlfriend is into sophisticated and colourful trinkets you can buy it from here. But there are different characters to choose from – cupcakes, owls, easter eggs.

3. Liquid Matte Lipsticks from Sugar

smudge me not from sugar cosmetics

Is your girlfriend a huge fan of makeup? Then owning another Sugar lipstick won’t hurt. They are affordable and definitely my best friend. And I am sure your partner would be delighted as well. You can buy it from here.

4. A great lunch date at your favourite restaurant/diner

date night

I know, I know but does this ever get old? You and your partner bickering about little things over a warm plate of fluffy momos. Isn’t that the ideal date? You can even take them to the place of your first date and relive the fearful day.

5. A handmade card


If your girlfriend isn’t into fancy-schmancy stuff, make her a valentine’s day card for her to cherish forever in her heart and a separate folder. Plus, a thoughtful gift makes the day more special. And who knows where the emotions might lead to.

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Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. These are my personal reviews about the products I have used so far. đŸ™‚

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