Alert! These 15 Unintentional Habits Make Girls Very Uncomfortable

Every man should walk in a woman’s shoes for a day, to understand how and why women are sensitive about certain things that men may not realise unless they see from a woman’s perspective. Every woman has at least once in her life made her peace with discomfort regarding a man’s behaviour mainly because at the back of her mind, she knows that men are physically stronger, hence tipping a man off may result in unwanted violence towards herself.

Yes, women put up with a lot without being vocal about their discomfort, but it does not have to be that way. If men recognise and change some behavioral patterns that make women uncomfortable, then there would be less tension in communication.
Here are some ways in which men make women uncomfortable.

1. Excessive Compliments On Appearance

While women do appreciate compliments, it becomes extremely annoying when men continuously remark on their looks. Too many comments on looks make women feel internally insecure about themselves since it makes them think that there might be something wrong with the way they look and that is being subtly pointed out. In many cases, it also makes them lose interest in men who pay too much attention on things as fickle as appearance. Instead of going on about how she looks, appreciating her field of work and her hobbies is an excellent way to continue conversation.

2. Not taking the hint

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Rest assured, most women will not directly tell you that you have crossed the line, or that she is not interested in you. Women are groomed to be polite and accommodating, particularly to men. If you see signs that indicate she is trying to avoid you by not receiving your calls or answering your texts, give up politely instead of wearing her down. Continuous unwanted advances can be very, very uncomfortable.

3. Mentioning body parts while flirting

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Men think that talking about a particular part of a woman’s body may have an erotic appeal, but if anything it makes her super uncomfortable. Unless she takes the initiative to flirt on a different level, do not objectify her body or any part of it.

4. Staring

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Now many people can say that there is nothing inherently wrong with staring at someone. No, there isn’t. However, there is a difference is staring and being creepy. If your staring causes her discomfort and she changes her seat or squirms, take the signs and stop being creepy.

5. Touching

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Some men feel the need to reinforce their interest by putting their hands on a woman’s hand or her back or by standing so close to her she can smell his cologne. Women, more often than not, do realize that a man who is flirting with them is interested. If you are not sure that a woman is responding to your flirtation, avoid any physical contact.

6. Sexualizing the conversation

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Whether it’s by asking invasive questions, using sleazy body language, or behaving in a manner sexually suggestive. This can come off as extremely unwelcome and threatening behaviour. It’s not welcome, it’s not mutual and it’s inappropriate. Likewise, it can be intimidating.

7. Too much of eye contact

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Please don’t try to artificially create that eyes locking moment. Every time two people look at each other, it does not have to be a soulful magical moment and this trait can make women very uncomfortable. Eye contact is good, but too much is creepy.

8. Invading her personal space

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You might be used to spreading your legs while sitting, for comfort in public vehicles or private spaces. While this may provide comfort to you, it can cause extreme discomfort and annoyance to the women who may be sitting beside you. Unknowingly, you invade her personal space while doing this. Similarly, women do not appreciate when men stand too close or block doorways while talking to them.

9. Asking a woman to smile more

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Men seriously need to stop doing this. It is not your place to advise a woman on how she should look good, and nobody likes unsolicited advice. This just does not make women uncomfortable, it makes them angry.

10. Showing concern about her personal life

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Unless she brings up her personal life herself, refrain from making any comments on it. That includes being concerned about it as well. The woman before you is a mature adult and she will ask for your insight if she needs it.

11. Sending drinks over

If a man offers to buy a drink, that’s one thing—it can be refused. It’s uncomfortable to say no, but the option is present. When men just send over drinks, they take away the option to say no and it almost feels like they know they’re imposing something on women—they’re giving them no choice but to talk to them. Men usually have large egos and larger tempers hence even if women are uncomfortable with their actions, they cannot help but adhere to them.

12. Using nicknames

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Maybe on some level is makes men believe that they are being friendly, but women absolutely hate being given any sort of nicknames by people who are not very close to them. If you think this is a cool move, think again.

13. Joking that you would be the perfect couple

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If you like a woman, ask her out. Making subtle and creepy references to a non-existent relationship that can be perfect for you is outright harassment. No woman likes having someone around who makes such unwanted jokes and references.

14. Sharing unwanted personal details

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Unless she shows an interest in you and enquires about your personal life, please refrain from sharing unnecessary details about yourself. Nobody appreciates an over-friendly acquaintance.

15. Crossing boundaries at work

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When you are at the workplace, it is very important to maintain your ethics and decorum. Do not engage in casual conversation or flirting with your female colleagues (unless you are sure it will be reciprocated), do not make references on their professionalism and in general do not be the creepy guy at work all women talk about.

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There may be instances where you may have unintentionally engaged in behaviour which had made the women around you uncomfortable. Not doing something intentionally is no responsible excuse. The trick is to familiarize yourself with the lines that can and cannot be crossed. As it is, women face a lot of discomfort in their daily lives. You don’t have to add to that.

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