The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game

“Be comfortable in your own shoes” can be translated as one’s ease while wearing their preferred footwear.  The most important thing is that every step you take should be with the utmost confidence. Gone are the days when only women enjoyed stylish footwear. We carry the world on our shoulders, so it is important that we choose the right kind of shoes, to carry us.

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Men’s shoes can be divided into formal and informal based on their appearance and the kinds of environments they cater to. While there may be one broad category of footwear, there are many kinds and variations of that footwear, which you can style according to your needs. We have compiled a list for you to choose from, so suit up and make those purchases!

Casual Footwear

1. Sneakers

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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Sneakers are always the favourite go-to option for all informal occasions. They have a boyish charm and are classy at the same time.  These shoes are specifically designed for sports or physical exercise related activity. However, they can also be worn as casual shoes.

2. Slip-On Sneakers

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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Simple yet fashionable. These are also perfect walking shoes. Although they fall under casuals since they are sneakers, they can also be used in some formal settings.

3. Boat Shoes

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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Boat shoes represent a nautically-inspired coolness, as the name suggests.  These are generally made from canvas and leather material.

4. Sandals

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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These are an absolute must-have, they define all things fun and informal. They reinforce a great sense of fashion and are symbolic of youth.

5. Trainers

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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The best running shoes. Ever. They are usually medicated and are gentle on the feet.  Trainers are, and will always be, the most comfortable selection to keep your feet on the ground.

6. Espadrilles

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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Straight from Catalonia, espadrilles are casual and flat with canvas or cotton fabric uppers and a flexible sole.

7. High top sneakers

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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A very trendy informal shoe, with a high sole in a boot fashion.

8. Moccasin

The Ultimate Guide To Men's Footwear | Step Up Your Shoe Game
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The sole and sides are stitched using one piece of leather stitched together at the top. It is soft and flexible and is often embroidered.

9. Slippers

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These men’s summer shoes are just perfect for your casual outings. These shoes are not only comfortable but incredibly fashionable as well.

Formal or Dress Shoes

1. Oxford

Allen Edmonds - Strand Cap-Toe Oxford Walnut Leather $385. Make a memorable impression with the refined elegance of the Strand cap-toe balmoral from Allen-Edmonds®. This men's dress shoe is crafted of a smooth full-grain leather upper with all-over perforated design for an elevated style. The balmoral detailing is full of personality, thanks to an array of impressive perforations plus a striking medallion on the cap toe.
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The epitome of footwear royalty, Oxfords are the finest shoes a man can wear. Originating at Oxford University when rebel students wore these instead of knee-high and ankle-high boots. Oxfords are the most formal type of footwear you can own and should only be worn with dress pants.

2. Derby shoes or Brogues

Paul Parkman Goodyear Apron Derby Shoes Brown Website:
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Derby shoes can be identified with their open lacing style. These shoes are meant for the formal occasion but they can be matched with casual outfits as well. Stylish, fun, and daring, you’ll be soaring in these shoes in no time.

3. Monk shoes

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Monk shoes have no lacing. These are one of the men’s shoe styles that are bold but timeless. These shoes can be worn both formally or casually.

4. Loafers

Tom Ford
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Loafers are are timeless when it comes to their appeal and style. Loafers can be worn with formal clothes only, through various variants of loafers can be worn casually as well.

5. Postman Derby

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6. Wingtip brogue

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This is traditionally characterized by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations (or “broguing”) and serration along the pieces’ visible edges.

7. Penny loafer

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A wardrobe staple for most people, this is a very versatile shoe that is suitable for both men and women.

8. Formal slip-on

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An amalgamation of various formal styles, this is probably the most common formal shoe worn by men worldwide.


1. Chelsea Boots

Dr Martens Wilde Black
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Widely popularized by rock stars, the fine leather finish makes it the sleekest selection out of winter boots and a must-have for your closet.

2. Combat boots

Maison Martin Margiela: Black Leather & Wool Combat Boots
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The sturdy build of the boot and the rugged exterior makes this a must-have for all men. They are the epitome of casual style.

3. Chukka boots

Men’s street fashion styles; outdoors sports wear for the weekend hike, denim shirts, sports watch and great contrasting leather accessories, with slim fit jeans
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Chukka boots are plain boots mostly made of suede or other leather materials. These boots are perfect for casual outfits like jeans, chinos.

4.  Cuban heel boots

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Sometimes known as men’s high heels, these shoes are notoriously famous in the Latin world. Often used for dancing, these can also be worn by those looking for a slight boost in height.

5. Desert boot

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This is an ankle-height lace-up boot, most commonly with a beige or khaki-colored suede upper and a crepe sole.

6. Lace Up Boot

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A very fashionable kind of boot, extending till above the ankles. Can be used as hiking boots.

7. Zip boot

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Another Latin classic, with a zip on the side, usually characterized by a high and sturdy sole.

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Now that you have a complete guide to all kinds of men’s footwear, mix and match, suit and boot up!

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