All The Different Types Of Condoms Out There You Should Try Once


Condoms are the most effective & affordable form of contraception available. It is the most efficient way to safeguard yourself & your partner, from unwanted pregnancy, HIV, AIDS & other sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms block the exchange of fluids whenever you have sex, thereby reducing the risk of transmitting diseases. Research states that, if a condom is worn correctly, there is only 3 percent chance of becoming pregnant and even less than 3 percent chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

With more than 80 years of experience in manufacturing condoms, Durex is one of the best condom brands in the world. Every single condom that they produce, is a product of a thoroughly tried and tested process. They use the finest quality raw materials & every batch is inflated with air to test their strength. From the ribbed and dotted type to flavored, extra thin, and extended pleasure, discover their skillfully designed range of condoms that will boost your sexual experience.

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1. Thin Condoms

Types Of Condoms
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Sex is not just about pleasure, it is also about being close & intimate with someone. Durex Extra Thin condoms are designed to give both of you the ultimate skin-to-skin feeling. These condoms are suitable for anal, oral and vaginal sex. Rest assured that this type of condoms provide the same level of protection & reassurance as a regular condom. Click here to buy, and get ready to feel closer than ever before.

2. Dotted & Ribbed

Types Of Condoms
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Ribbed and/or Dotted condoms offer differing textures to transform the intensity of sex. This type of condoms are intricately textured and have been designed to pleasure both of you. Their unique texture ensures stimulation in all the right places. Click here to buy, and get ready to experience a whirlwind of pleasurable sensations.

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3. Performance Condoms

Types Of Condoms
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Durex Extra Time condoms contain a special type of climax-control lubricant called benzocaine, which enhances your performance by helping you last longer. Durex makes sure that safety and quality are not compromised in the pursuit of pleasure. Click here to buy, and prolong those special, intimate moments with your loved one.

4. Flavoured Condoms

A little known fact is that condoms are necessary even while having oral sex. Yes, there are certain infections that can be transmitted via oral sex. As unflavoured condoms taste awful, flavoured condoms are mindfully designed to enhance oral sex. You can buy condoms that taste & smell like mango, orange, strawberry, grape, mint, coffee & chocolate etc. There are even some wacky flavours like Meetha Pan & Kala Khatta out there!

Are you bored & saturated with the usage of traditional condoms? Try adding some flavor & colour to the mix. Yes, flavoured condoms come in colors that complement the flavours. Go try some, because they do not cost more than regular condoms & for all you know, they might revolutionize the way you have sex.

Note that this type of condoms are not exactly suitable for penetrative sex. The sugar level present in flavoured condoms can disturb the pH balance of the vagina and cause yeast infection.

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Sex is a natural, essential & pleasurable part of human life. But it must be done right to avoid any kind of accidents & inconveniences. Don’t take any chances unless you want to bear the consequences for the rest of your life. So go out, have fun and PLAY SAFE.

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