6 Trusted Ways To Make Her Moan A Little More

The most basic and primary part of our survival isn’t basic at all. Alfred Kinsey once said that the only universal in human sexuality is variability itself.

From attraction to action, sexual behaviour in humans takes many forms. The survival of the human species depends on their sexual behaviour. It is for growing and healing, surviving, bonding, and intimacy among the members of the species. The odds are stacked in its favour.

It is an activity that easily comes to humans. Even crustaceans know how to do it. But among all the species to exist on the planet, humans merely do it for fun. Some may do it to advance their progeny, while some do it for pleasure.

How to pleasure your women better
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And none of you might be perfect but embracing these imperfections of self and partner is what is going to make the act more meaningful. The following has been written keeping a submissive woman and a dominant man in mind. But they can be customised and reversed depending on the hierarchy in your relationship.

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And if you knew a few more steps on how to make it better for your partner then it would the best. Here are a few to help you in your sexual expeditions:

Foreplay is the key to sexual intimacy

Foreplay is the key to sexual intimacy
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Like communication is the key to a relationship, foreplay is the key to happier sex life. Play with her clitoris, trace your fingers on her body, and trail kisses along her jaw and down her neck. Spank her if she is turned on by it. Foreplay also makes sure that your sexual ordeal is hassle and friction-free.

Have hot and heavy makeout sessions

Have heavy make out sessions
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True that this is a part of foreplay. But you shouldn’t cease to kiss her every now and then while in the act. Passionate kisses are more meaningful than the act of intercourse itself. If she pinned under you then, with each thrust kiss her on the lips. You can even stifle her moans with your lips. Making out makes the entire experience more other-worldly.

Make her have multiple orgasms

Multiple Orgasms
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Before indulging in the intoxicating act of having sex, make sure you have made her orgasm once using your fingers or tongue or both. It’ll leave her panting and wanting for more as you enter her. Experiencing two or three is better than one orgasm. And it will only make her love you more.

Throw vibrators in there

Throw in a vibrator
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More is always better. If your partner is into anal stuff, then throw in a butt plug. It is going to elevate your experiences to a cosmic level. Trust me, everyone loves a little extra pleasure.

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The perks of having a hand/hands

Use your hands
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It doesn’t matter if you have one hand or two, but you need to use them to hold on to her tightly as you enter her. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if my partner’s grip on my body tightened with each thrust. In fact, it would turn me on more. If your lady is submissive then this is perfect.

Change the angle

Change the angle
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If you’re bored by the plain ole’ doggy position, then you can always customise it a bit. You can raise your butt and as this position allows maximum penetration, it might just hit the right spots. Your partner can lean forward or backwards depending on their comfort.

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