5 Ways To Deal With Your Toxic Girlfriend

Girlfriends can be pain sometimes. Seriously!  It can be extremely hard to deal with them sometimes. You might be scolded for nothing specially when they are PMSing. But other than that also it is quite normal for the girls to be in that toxic mood every now and then they might be PMSing the whole month. Well, there can be few ways that you can use to lessen this toxicity.

1. Chocolates

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Chocolates are a great method to lessen the toxicity as they are a good mood reliever. Ice cream can be good as much as the chocolates. They improve depression and anxiety symptoms especially dark chocolates.

2. Cook for her or Order her favourite Pizza

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Food is the best natural method for reducing the toxicity. It will naturally give her energy from inside, lift up her mood because of the tasty meal and will definitely love it because of your efforts.

3. Talk it out

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Talk to her. Have a mature conversation with her about what is bothering her. If you are the one who has started the whole toxicity even if you are not wrong, give her time to rejuvenate. Then start trying the he other methods.

4. Give your 100%

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I would always say to never give up on a person you love even if he/she is toxic. There must have been a reason.  that you got attracted to her and chose to be with her. Give your 100% in the relationship to never regret in future. This might even bring out the best in you.

5. Be Optimistic

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Handle it with good and positive thoughts. Girls never care about how many times you say I Love You to them. They only notice your love through your actions, through your efforts. Believe me! Your efforts can change anybody. The toxicity of the relationship can easily be handled only if you push yourself a little hard and not give up.

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