21-Year-Old TNM Jawad Says ‘Ok Google’, Make Millions

The phase where most of the stunt-savvy engineers think to take the dare and go for entrepreneurship, this lad has already sung that ballad. At a tender age, where GTA & EA are the phenomenal crushes, TNM Jawad chose GA aka Google Assistance.

Mr. TN Muhammad gifted his son Jawad a computer in his 5th grade, yep when social science nightmare was a distant dream. The boy welcomed the opportunity with open arms. As per the holy suggestions of Google, he opted for tnmjawad96@gmail.com which further escorted naming his Company.

TNM Jawad Google Guy

Albeit coping with the economic family conditions, TNM Jawad continued and entertained his passion. The free lessons, web tutorials were the daily dose and his appetite for technology was bulging. Adults normally get distracted to 18+ content, but this 18+ guy was an oddball. Jawad gestured to strike a chord with blogs and web designs. The scale always remained stable and he splendidly stood proudly in his High School too.

It didn’t take long and Jawad gave a kickstart to his daisy dreams by launching TNM Online Solutions. The dedication was sky high, he went for the free bet, Facebook and advertised his services with best bargains. The tables turned and astoundingly one of his teacher proved to be the very first customer and it was enough for the budding strategist to raise his spirits. The field was new and the young gun had a far grass to trail.

TNM Jawad Google Guy

Batting for a couple of years, TNM was already handshaking with 100s of clients across Kerala but the man behind was eying bigger goals. The family who’d always lived under rented roofs got their own house, TNM was spilling suffice souvenirs to build them a home as he turned 19. Its when the leadership skills get booted and milestones get queued up for you.

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The global warming was rising, but so did TNM Jawad’s global connections. No stone was left unturned in the expansion of the TNM empire. From Search Engine Optimisation to tracing new technologies, he was always at the top of it. By the time he turned 21, he was having an array of Multinationals knocking on his door and the company that rakes in an annual income of ₹2 crore. Jawad also owns a house and a BMW car—and all this is thanks to Google!

TNM Jawad Google Guy

A helping hand is always what an inspiration posses. TNM Jawad extended his hands from Kannur(which were longer than Kanoon) to the deserved ones. At the age where people still study and clear backlogs, he laid foundation bricks of his own Academy. It’s a paradise to learn and practice the digital domain for SCs & STs. Aa hah not the reservation kinda, the technical ones – Skilled Coders & Skilled Testers.

The stage is all set, the hero dived with a headstart, garnered enough bonus points. May the fairytale run continues and the future endeavors bring more fame to Jawad, as well for the country.

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