5 Tips To Go Vegan Without Losing Your Hard-Earned Muscles

After all these years of being a non-vegan person, it would be hard to go vegan all of a sudden. But if you are determined to make the change, you can try going for it. Being vegan has its perks. You can maintain your weight, have a stronger immune system and get better sleep too.

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The idea of turning vegetarian seems fine until you realise you might have to part ways from the normal protein sources that have helped you bulk up so far. You’ll probably get into a dilemma wondering how you can still keep your hard-earned muscles without the intake of your non-veg protein sources.

Well, here are a few tips to make it easier for you to shift, particularly if you are a fitness freak.

1. Eggs Don’t Help, Proteins Do

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Since you have already made the decision, you have to accept some things now. No matter how much you miss them, chicken breasts and eggs are off-limits for you. Though they have helped you gain muscles when you were a non-vegan, you need to look for other vegan alternatives now. The thing your body needs is protein, the sources can vary if you get the required amounts. Foods in the legume family are good sources of vegegatrian protein. Green peas, for example, contain a good amount of proteins in it. Soybeans, quinoa, tofu are some other protein-rich green food that you can opt for the much-needed proteins.

Here’s a list of some protein-rich vegetarian food for building your body.

2. Make A New Diet Plan

Adapt to the changes. You can’t go for any green food and get the nutrition in the wrong amounts. You have to prepare a new diet plan considering your previous non-veg diet plan. Add nutritious vegan food in your diet and avoid adding foods with extra carbs. Match the nutrition intake of your vegan and non-vegan diet plans to make sure getting enough nutrition even after the change. Because regardless of what type of food we eat, the nutritions are what our body needs.

3. Vegan Protein Powder! Yes, They Exist Too

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If you were a protein shake person as a non-vegan, you should go for the vegetarian alternatives. There are many vegan proteins powders out there to choose from in the market just for you. But do check the composition and nutrition amounts before buying.

4. You Weren’t Vegan From Birth, But Some Are

Take help from the vegetarian folks. The ones who like to bulk up through their vegan ways. Consult them regarding their diet plans and strict vegan rules. Seek inspiration from them and learn the tips and tricks.

5. Expert Advice

You can even take help from certified dieticians if you are all set to go vegan but don’t want to lose the hard-earned muscles.

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