7 Tips To Become More Social As An Introvert

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could be one of those people in the room who says something and everybody just relates to it? Do you wish you encountered less awkward interactions? Hate it when there is an awkward silence in the middle of a conversation? Don’t worry we got you. Here are 7 Tips To Become More Social As An Introvert.

1. Embrace Your Introverted Side

You know that you are an introvert and that’s alright. Embrace your introverted side, and once you do it you will feel super confident. Remember confidence is the key. When you feel confident in your skin accept yourselves, it becomes easy for others to recognize you the way you and they will love it. Women love introverted men, they are shy, mysterious in a beautiful way.

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2. Go with the flow

It is good to have in mind what you are gonna say or how will you start a conversation but do remember that it does work like that always. Never ever plan an entire conversation in your head about how things will go because if it doesn’t go the same way as you planned which happens most of the time, oh boy now you are in trouble. Just go with the flow, planning becomes too mechanical and boring. And expectations can break your heart honey. Enjoy the surprises life gives you. Believe me, you will like it.

3. Talk about something you are interested in

Do not just carry on the conversation for the sake of it. If talking on topics is not something you are very good with then there is no point in talking about something you have no clue about. It will just end being another awkward conversation. Find some common grounds, maybe books or some Netflix series or a place you both know about or other topics like fashion... there are so many things. This will help the conversation being two way and interactive.

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4. Don’t Talk Too Much

If starting the conversation or talking too much isn’t your forte then leave it. Take the help of your strengths which are listening and responding. In the world where everyone is going through some or the other thing trust me people have a lot to say and by a lot I do mean a lot. They just don’t have someone whom they feel comfortable with or someone who listens to them properly. Be that person, let them know you are all ears. Both of you will have a really good time.

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5. Practice

It’s okay if you tried once or twice and it was a mess and things didn’t do go as you thought. But hey don’t give up. You will be there once. Practice makes a man perfect. The more you try the more will be your probability of success. You will only get better. So never give up.

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6. Treat Everyone Like A Friend

All strangers aren’t judgemental people nor does everyone you meet likes make fun of someone. Many people are super nice just like you. Know that the amazing friends you have today were once strangers. So don’t fear just go and pour your heart out, who knows you will find someone whom you will always be grateful for.

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7. Try to befriend an extrovert

Already tired of being in a social event which doesn’t seem to have an end and now you barely seem to survive through it. At this point in time your extrovert friend comes to your rescue. They are like a wingman or a wing woman. You can always count on them for such situations. Ya I know, life does become easy sometimes when you have extroverts around you.

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So that’s all. These were 7 Tips To Become More Social As An Introvert. I have always struggled in life to tell people what I wanted to say. Expressing love for my friend and family, oh god don’t even get me started on that. But just when I started embracing my introversion(I don’t think that’s a word but still) life became more beautiful. And I also realized it is quite refreshing to have a conversation with some strangers sometime.

Having said all that, it is very healthy to have your own time. You don’t have to force yourselves to be social. It is alright if you just feel like being all by yourself. It is the way you are and it is so much more beautiful.

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