Want a Bigger Upper Chest? Follow These 6 Tips and Guide To Get One

To target your upper pecs is one of the most frustrating things that could happen in a gym. They just won’t grow. What is the way to target the upper chest? Well, these 6 exercises must be included in your routine to effectively and with the precision target this muscle.

Want a Bigger Upper Chest? Check out the tips and guide to get it!
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1. Add variation with dumbbells

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What most people get stuck with is to be able to lift heavy weights with a barbell. Though it is true that barbell does target the chest but it soon makes the progression difficult. DO NOT FORGET THE DUMBBELLS. They are versatile and target each chest individually. It also helps balance down any muscle weakness that may exist on either side of your chest. Adding dumbbells with the barbell in alternation week to week will provide you with the best outcome possible.

2. Target the Upper pecs

At the start of your routine always begin with targetting your weakest muscle. The whole nature of your exercise routine will become to balance things out. Don’t wait to exhaust yourself first and then come on to the upper pecs. Give them the time and love that they need.

3. Don’t take it all the way up

While pushing the barbell up avoid forcing it all the way up since that takes the muscle tension away from your chest. Your triceps rather come into play and the exercise fails to make your chest push past its limits. Rather, learn the cues as for where the triceps come into play and when you should stop and start taking the barbell down slowly.

4. Incline cable flies


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Perhaps, this exercise is the one that you were finding for. The cables due to their limited movement target the chest muscle beautifully and build more tension on the chest than other exercises. More the tension more the muscle breakage which eventually gives fruits to a bigger and better muscle. Though muscle damage should be avoided, knowing your limits and pushing past it is one thing and ruining the muscle by overwork is other.

5. Try new angles

An adjustable bench is a must to target all the areas of your chest. Play with different angles to target different chest muscles. Lowering it down than flat will target the upper pecs. Trying different angles both with the dumbbell and barbell helps to give the desired results- a fuller chest perfectly sculpted.

6. Try weight shift with feet up

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While doing push-ups try keeping your feet alternatively up as you go up to build more tension on the chest. Your upper body will be thoroughly activated. Take it up a notch further and do some elevated push-ups to get the most out of the exercise.

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