7 Things You Should Know Before You Date A ‘Papa Ki Pari’

Papa ki pari, or Daddy’s Princess is often generalized as spoiled and bratty. But every outcome has been observed to have exceptions associated with it. Daddy’s Little Girl’s aren’t what they are thought to be. They can be some of the most compassionate individuals you might have met. Not to mention, the majority of the female population (maybe not by a whopping winning streak) are adored by their father.

Daddy's Little Princess
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To be honest, I have been pretty pampered by my father. And not to sound like a true braggart, but I am nothing like the stereotypical definition of the phrase. In fact, if you meet me, you’d find me in a pair of jeans and a nice graphic t-shirt making crude jokes and laughing at such.

Don’t categorize someone a minute after you’ve met them; they might be Daddy’s Princess or they might not even have a father figure in their life.

Here are a few things you should know about Daddy’s Princess before you start dating one:

Daddy's Little Princess
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1. She has high expectations

When someone has a strong and positive father figure in their life, they’re used to expecting things. Her expectations might not be as high as you’re imagining but she would want you to love and cherish her all the time and make her feel like ‘The One’.

High Expectations
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2. She’s a responsible adult

Just because she has been pampered as a child, you cannot assume that daily life is going to bother her. Her father didn’t teach her to be weak but independent and strong.

Responsible adulting
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3. She will need her father’s approval of you

It doesn’t matter if she is nineteen or thirty years old, but she is going to need her father’s approval of you. She might not leave you immediately, but her father’s opinion will have aroused her love’s third eye.

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4. She can handle problems

When life will throw lemons at her, she will squeeze the juice and pulp out of it and have made delicious lemonade. Don’t expect her to be naive enough to not be able to handle things like buying groceries or handling exes.

Handling problems
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5. The key to winning over her dad

The only key to winning her dad is through her. Make her feel like a queen and you will not only notice it being reciprocated but also see her dad liking you lot more as each day passes. You don’t even have to buy her expensive gifts to win her over, just tell her how much you love her every day and that’ll be it.


Beauty and the best dad
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6. You cannot replace her dad

Her father is the epitome of every prince charming you can find described in fairy tales. You cannot hope to eventually replace her dad, but you can protect her like how her father has over the course of her lifetime.

You cannot replace her dad
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7. She will want you two to bond

You don’t have to like everything her dad does. She will want you to retain her individuality and get along nonetheless. You cannot make her happier than being someone her dad can treat like his own son.

She'd want you two to bond
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In a nutshell, daddy’s little girl and mama’s boy are nothing but misconceptions and stereotypes. If you aren’t going to be your parents favourite then who’s will you be?

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