7 Things Women Do Not Like Men Doing At The Workplace

Your workplace is where you spend most of the hours of your day. It is crucial to know what to avoid when you are co-working with ladies. She can be your boss, a fellow colleague, a trainee or a superior. Here are the things you should never do with ladies in and around your office.

1. Treating Them As ‘Dolls Under Pressure’

The workload can be more or less the same for you both. But treating them like barbies would offend them. Saying things like “Oh!I’m surprised, How do you manage to work with a lot of men around you? Aren’t you uncomfortable?” may offend her quick. Remember they got hired for their potential to perform equally well.

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2. Always Acting Flirtatious

Do not make her uncomfortable by roaming around her all the time and by giving creepy stares. They are there for a purpose and that may not always be to be stared at all the time. Women hate when someone becomes too clingy.

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3. Underestimate Her Intellectual Capability

Women hate when men underestimate their intellectual capability and IQ levels. you may have often heard men saying “Oh!Leave it you wouldn’t understand”. That sounds so wrong to even say to a child!

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4. Partiality

This is one of the most common scenarios that men in the workplace prefer men workers to be promoted quickly without considering the females having the same capacity. This definitely creates a lot of dissatisfaction for women workers.

5. Discouraging Their Ideas As Baseless

If they are coming up with a new idea, this is a bad idea to discourage them just because they are females. Be that a boss, a superior or a colleague on a discussion table. Do not make them feel unappreciated. Men should cooperate to help create a healthy work environment which we women love.

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6. Expecting To Date A Coworker

Women aren’t always available to hang out with anyone and everyone in the office. Men often just can not accept the rejection of a hangout proposal and then bring in bitterness.

7. Mansplaining

“MANSPLAINING! Mansplaining is rampant. Here’s an example: I’ve sat through more than one meeting listening to men educate me on what women want and how they make purchase decisions.” says a lady working in a popular office space. Therefore don’t impose your biased opinions of females on them.

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