5 Things Not To Learn From Fitness Instagram Models

Instagram influencers and fitness models-the most “in vogue” profession right now. Their super attractive bodies, lavish lifestyles make us yearn for the same. However, as they say, “don’t live your life for the gram” A lot what appears on  Instagram feeds masks the ugly realities of everyday life. Remember all photos that go up on  Instagram are tailored and edited to look attractive and often doesn’t reflect the reality. Here are 5 Things Not To Learn From Fitness Instagram Models.

1. Crash diets

There are many Instagram fitness models who advise a lot of crazy diets that supposedly helped them to get into the amazing shape they are. However, these crash diets can have severe impacts on your body. Hence it is always advisable not to follow any diet blindly without consulting the doctor.

5 Things Not To Learn From Fitness Instagram Models
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2. Workout Routines

One thing that needs to be said out loud and clear is the fact that there is no one size fits all formula for work out. Every individual has their respective requirements and strengths and hence to get a work out routine that fits you the best, consult a professional gym trainer. Here are the top work-out myths you need to stop believing in.

5 Things Not To Learn From Fitness Instagram Models
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3. Endorsed Products

Probably the worst of the lot. Here is the deal, Instagram fitness models are PAID to endorse certain products and in all probability, these fitness models might not have used these products themselves. So next time you see influencers selling tea to lose weight, or gummy bears for preventing hair fall, please don’t go for them.

4. Living your life at the gym

It may seem like these fitness models live at the gym. They always seem to be working out, running which may lead you into believing that you are not doing enough. Please don’t believe in it. You DON’T have to live at the gym to be fit. As long as you are following a healthy lifestyle, you are good to go.

5. Inferiority Complex

Let us make one thing very clear, it takes an army of people to make the fitness models look the way they do. They aren’t perfect. There are trainers, make-up artists, graphic designers and tons of other people who are involved behind that one perfect insta-worthy shot. So please don’t be intimidated and be confident in your skin.

5 Things Not To Learn From Fitness Instagram Models
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There’s nothing stopping you from getting inspired by fitness model, but do not let them dictate your life, do not let them tell you are not enough

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