10 Things Man Should Never Say To A Woman Ever!

Some statements are “seemingly harmless” from a man’s perspective, but can annoy women very easily. They can be innately sexist and extremely opinionated. Giving unwanted advice based on the pretext of showing concern or affection isn’t appreciated from the other end. Women do not enjoy being babied and their opinion of you can change in an instant just based on what you say.

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Here are 10 things that men should never say to a woman unless they deliberately want to get on their bad side.

1. You’re not like other women

I know you’re trying to compliment her, but saying that she is the super-chill “loophole” in an otherwise-lame gender is offensive to her as a woman who loves women.

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2. You wear too much make-up

Women have been conditioned to not feel secure in their own skin, hence in a way make-up used to be more of a social imposition. But in recent years, the make-up industry has undergone a revolution hence it is now considered to be more of a skilled art. Telling a woman that she wears too much makeup may just add you to the long list of unsolicited advisors she already has.

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3. You would look a lot prettier if you smiled

Again, unwarranted advice that will get you anywhere but into her good books. It is a mystery to me as to how men even come up with opinions as weird as this. A woman will smile if she is humoured. And she most definitely will not be if she hears this.

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4. That’s pretty good for a woman

Sexism game going strong! Jobs are not sexed. A woman can excel at everything in the professional sphere (even at the “men’s jobs”) and to think otherwise is just plain sexist. So don’t be surprised if she does not call you back.

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5. Is it that time of the month?

For the umpteenth time, women reserve the right to show emotions and not be on their periods at the same time. Also, a statement like that is more likely to make a woman even angrier. Maybe tone down the stereotypical mindset a little bit.

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6. I cannot believe you are single

Seriously, why would someone even say something like this? Is it compulsory for women to be in relationships if they are accomplished and attractive? Many men think that this is an excellent pick-up line, it isn’t. The only emotion women feel on hearing this is annoyance.

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7. When are you going to settle down?

When are you going to realise that some questions are not asked for? This is easily one of the best ways to piss off a woman. And no, asking such questions does not show “concern”. If she trusts you, she will let you know her plans herself. Asking this question would just prove that you are not worthy of her time.

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8. Do you really need a second helping?

Yes, she does. And no, that should not bother you. Also, congratulations, you just proved that you like women based on their appearance.

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9. You should not drink so much

Maybe you should not concern yourself too much with what she does. Women hate being advised on what to do unless they ask for it. Drinking too much does not make her promiscuous. But asking this question definitely makes you someone she won’t be too fond of.

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10. How many men have you been with?

There is nothing to be gained from the knowledge of how many men a woman has been with. The only thing it will do is change the way you feel about her. Moreover, a question like this will automatically make you ten times less desirable since it is a complete breach of etiquette, and is totally uncalled for. This also shows that you are insecure about yourself in her presence which isn’t exactly the best way to make an impression.

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Women have to deal with sexism and internalised misogyny on a daily basis. In casual conversation, steering clear of the above-mentioned statements will make women more comfortable around you, and they will trust you more. After all, there is a thin line between being decent and being creepy.

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