30 Things Every Grown-Up Man Should Stop Wearing Right Now

What do people say behind your back? About how you dress, do they mock about your fashion sense? Well, you certainly need to embark on the handsome journey, eliminating all the mistakes you commit which lacklustre your style statement and stitch it dull. By heart these 30 details and cobble up your fashion approach:

1.  Sickening Socks With Sandals

This combination is just too embarrassing and socks so open don’t look pleasing at all.

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2. Giant Logos On The Cover

T-shirts having big logos on the facade dwindles your style, especially when it captures the whole area.

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3. Loosely Wrapped Shirts 

Don’t ruin your style and invite the disaster by giving a room for air inside, tuck it smoothly inside.

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4. Get Rid Of High neck

Those turtleneck t-shirts just look awful and I guess your bare neck is at least less awful.

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5. Vacate The Velcro Shoes

Ugh! Your school days are over and I can write another article for tying shoelaces just for your sake.

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6. Extensively Torn Jeans

You need to walk along with trends, but please don’t walk so long in those torn pairs giving mammoth of transparency.


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7. Too Much Scent

You might not desire to go saint and have a bachelor life. Even one spray fog will do the miracle for you.

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8. Shorts Which Are Not Shorts

The so-called knee-length shorts are really not advisable and shrink your impression with its width.

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9. Animated Boxers

Boxers look classy when they are plain and simple; the colourful cartoons will only make them less appealing.

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10. Square-Toed Shoes 

This arrogant pointy pairs just needs to be avoided, opt sneakers or the round ones instead.

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11. Why Knack For V-Neck 

Those V-neck t-shirts are too deep man! and calls for a suitable physique which seldom fits to seldom persons.

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12. Beast Wristwatches

Watches are your essentials, but be responsible and not give it the glimpse of old-fashioned rakhi.

13. Bad Tailored Suits

There is nothing to be enlightened, all you need is the right fitting for your magic to flourish.

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14. Shimmering Shirts 

You are not a mine worker and can be easily look out. Abandon those glittering high contrast colours and let other eyes be at peace.

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15. Creepy Cargos 

The time has gone and the epoch calls you to be more alarmed about trends. Go for any alternative, but not them.

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16. Quotes Slamming Thyself

Take care by the line, have a read and judge the consequences of the matter printed on your apparels.

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17. Jolly Jerseys

Look I know you are a fan, but the people out there don’t respect your fandom. Be normal, have stylish clothing out rather than preaching your sporty wisdom.

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18. Leather Bracelets

There are so many metals available on the holy earth, why you want to harness leather and upset some bhakts.

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19. Bulging Baggy Suiting

Who wants to look like a piece of bag in the fit ironed world. Have some fear, don’t try this at home, school or anywhere!

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20. Too Long T-shirts

Dude you have the option for kurtas, don’t make your fashion a burden. Or donate it to The Great Khali for some use-clothes.

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21. Futile Facial Rings

Why you want to get pinched, it’s like a punch to your charismatic human face. Be sensible before pulling off such insane experiments.

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22. Hoodies with Short Sleeves 

It just makes the whole style fade off. Keep it natural with full sleeves and you will never disappoint.

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23. Too Skinny to See

In your pursuit of happiness, don’t give others a view of your skeleton. Relax and comfort should be on the priority.

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24. Wrong Fit Ties 

Wanna be Trump, improve your tie sense forsake. The size matters and avoid the short, long or broader ones according to your suit and shape.

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25. No Socks Attitude

Nobody is envy of your bare legs, grab a pair of socks and let others soothe and be the gentleman.

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26. Disturbed Sleeves

Rolling sleeves is a trend as well as an art. Beware of executing it perfectly, the messy ones can land you pale.

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27. Kill The Crocs 

The fatty footwear just looks terrible with the fancy feet of yours. Make way for new trends and graze the style.

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28. Corrupted Belt Color

Unless it’s way too occasional, stick to the normal black or dark ones. Your belt is not the shirt to try multi-tone, learn that.

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29. Wreck The Wrinkles 

The irony was when crushed style became popular, but it’s back to the iron times. Iron your apparels, upgrade your levels.

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30. Excessive Jewelry

Who wants to be the legendary Bappi Da! Save something for your bank lockers too. So just chill, stay poor

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