Symptoms Of Depression In Men | Are You Going Through Depression?

Depression is a serious feeling that needs to be taken care of. Realizing that you are going through depression is the first and foremost thing to be done before it is too late.

If you are having a persistent feeling of sadness or in loss of interest in anything you do, you are indeed going through a depression. In this fast competitive world, many of us go through this at some point in time in our life, so let us be aware of the symptoms of depression in men.

Symptoms of Depression In Men

Depression Symptoms in Men
Depression Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of depression in men can be evident through the following:

  • Mood Changes
  • Behavioural Changes
  • Irregular Sleep Patterns
  • Body Weakness
  • Lack of Cognition
  • Sudden Weight Gain or Loss
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loneliness

1. Mood

depression symptoms in men
Depressed Mood symptom

Major depression is when you have a mood disorder that is ought to affect your way of life. If you feel you don’t have the control over your mood and having a persistent sadness feeling then waste no time consulting a doctor for your depression.

Sometimes you know the reason for the depression. Remember that you are the owner of your mood and not vice versa.

2. Behavioural Changes

depression symptoms in men
Behavioural Changes is a depression symptom

If you find someone getting socially isolated do check on them and ensure they are fine. Getting isolated socially from everyone trying to cope up with depression people may end up getting restless, excess crying, irritated or agitated.

Being alone or having some me-time won’t help you get out of depression.

3. Irregular Sleeping Patterns

depression symptoms in men
Irregular Sleep is a depression symptom

If your mind is occupied with heavy thoughts you can’t sleep on time. Depressed feelings can keep you awake for long hours and thus you end up spoiling your mood which causes behavioural changes as well, leading to other depression symptoms.

Avoid sleeping pills even if you are deprived of sleep. Read books or divert yourself by talking to someone until you doze off by tiredness.

4. Body Weakness

Depression Symptoms in Men
Depression can cause body weakness

When someone is down with disturbing thoughts they tend to get agitated and irritated with everything around them. During those scenarios, people tend to forget the basics like eating and sleeping on time. Irregular sleep and food intake cause body weakness exhibiting one of the main depression symptoms in men.

5. Lack of Cognition

depression symptoms in men
Depression causes lack of concentration

If you feel you are not able to concentrate on anything then you ought to find the reason for it. Most of the time it is because your mind is on something else that could be not going the way you wanted it to go.

Depression is like a small wound that needs to be treated as soon as possible before it gets septic and causes bigger damage.

6. Sudden Weight Gain or Loss

depression symptoms in men
Depression causes Weight Gains or Loss

Sudden weight gains or loss tend to happen if you are going through depression. A sense of detachment causes the men going through depression to not care about himself.

It is high time you consult a doctor if you are going through this because of depression

7. Suicidal Thoughts

depression symptoms in men
Suicidal thoughts are a depression symptom

Nothing gets solved through suicide rather it only complicates even more. Nothing is worth anyone’s life.

Suicide can never be a solution to any depression. Face them all, people are there to help.

8. Loneliness

depression symptoms in men
Loneliness is a major depression symptom

Trying to be alone when going through rejection or failure is the major symptom of depression. Even when being in a crowd makes the sufferer feel lonely. Speak up and share them all. Avoid bottling up feelings.

Happiness spreads on sharing. Depression reduces on sharing.

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