30 Super Foods Every Man Should Eat for Ultra Hard Erections and Stronger Libido

Sex is an important part of life and sexual health affects a majority of that. Our body runs on food and whatever fuel we give to our body we receive the results respectively. Some foods have been regarded as a good aphrodisiac to spark the sexual desire but some super foods can be used to keep that sex drive healthy.

1. Spinach

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Spinach is so good for blood vessels that it is a must food that needs to be in your diet. It increases the blood flow in your loin and works like a natural viagra. More the blood harder the reactions.

2. Green Tea

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Green tea is rich in Catechins. Catechins can help to reduce cholesterol and increase the liver’s capacity which turns the fat into energy. Catechins also increase the blood flow to the essential regions, this it does by making the blood vessels release nitric oxide causing them to grow larger in size.

3. Almonds

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For good semen health almonds are a boon for men. This has high values of zinc and selenium and fatty acids such as omega-3 keep that blood flow going.

4. Pine Nuts

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Zinc levels have been linked with higher libidos. Pine nuts are super rich in zinc. Mix some of these nuts in your salad and enjoy that rush.

5. Dark Chocolate

30 Superfood for Ultra Hard Erections and Stronger Libido
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Chocolate and dopamine and serotonin, are a trio that is going to make sure you enjoy your sex. Your stress level will be reduced and it is said that mind is the most important sexual organ. Cocoa even helps to increase blood flow and relaxes the blood vessels making it easier to get rock hard erections.

6. Peppers

Hot peppers boost the levels of endorphins, making your lips more sensitive, lets the sweat dripping and increase your heart rate. Pepper gets you ready for the action.

7. Chilli

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Capsaicin is the thing for stronger libido. They work pretty much the same way as peppers. Get that heart pumping.

8. Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds are full of great vitamins and minerals that are needed for keeping your sex life in shape. They are rich in zinc. It even keeps the brain happy because of tryptophan that builds up the serotonin levels. Much some of this light snack.

9. Celery

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Green is always good for sex just make sure it is organic and not drenched in chemicals. It is said that celery helps to increase the quality of pheromones and the taste of your semen. You know what you will get by adding it to your diet.

10. Oysters

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Oysters are super rich in zinc which keeps your testosterone and growth hormone levels pretty high. These are necessary for muscle building and directly affects your physical performance. Be that manly man and pump your testosterone.

11. Nuts

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Peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts have a secret recipe that includes the amino acid L-arginine which makes sure that you can keep your penis hard and erect for a long time. They also kill the cholesterol which can keep your blood vessels clean for healthy blood flow.

12. Arugula

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This is another green veggie that has all the minerals and vitamins that keeps your libido fired up. Go tiger Go!

13. Ginger

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It increases the sex drive by keeping the blood regulation in check. It keeps your arteries healthy. Take a teaspoon a couple of times a week and let it do its magic.

14. Basil

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The aroma of basil is an aphrodisiac which was used by women in form of basil oil to keep their men attracted. It increases blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy. Consuming basil by adding it in your diet gives you all these benefits and you need not bathe will basil oil in your bucket of water.

15. Garlic

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It is a superfood that increases stamina in men. It doesn’t let nano plaques build up in arteries increasing that sex drive. Adding garlic to your diet can cause bad breath and it is better to keep it away from you before you try that kiss with a lady.

16. Asparagus

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Histamine is necessary for an awesome sex drive, and asparagus is rich in folate that boosts the histamine production. It is a must food to have especially if you wanna take your body off the pills, drugs and other medications.

17. Maca

This magical root from Peru is known as natural viagra, increasing stamina, strength, fertility, energy, and libido, all at once. Why not start your day with something this power packed.

18. Oats

30 Superfood for Ultra Hard Erections and Stronger Libido
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Just like nuts this cereal is rich in l-arginine, making them a perfect couple for your healthy sex life. This special amino acid is even said to cure erectile dysfunction. Oats even lower cholesterol levels making them a superfood for an awesome sex life.

19. Blueberries

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Blueberries are rich in flavonoid and this helps in the cure of erectile dysfunction. It can naturally make your erections harder. Be ready for that morning wood!

20. Pomegranate Juice

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This juice is linked to getting harder erections. It is rich in antioxidants which helps in increasing the blood flow. Liquidate it with some water or add it to your smoothies and enjoy the blessed life.

21. Watermelon

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A watermelon is a key unit in several natural viagra smoothies out there and that is for a reason. It has a high content of lycopene, more than tomatoes, which works as a viagra by relaxing blood vessels and increasing the blood circulation. This even has citrulline amino acid which strengthens the cardiovascular system and increases sex drive. This is a must food to add it to your diet.

22. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon increases the craving for food and as well as for your partner.  Cinnamon oil improves the brain functions keeping your focus more on the pleasure while you make love rather than daydreaming in your stressful days. You can add it in your yogurt, coffee or milk, and even on cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies.

23. Red Wine

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This alcohol is actually good for health when consumed in limits. There is a reason why French people are known as romantic and live a healthy and long life. This increases the sexual desire and boosts libido.

24. Potatoes

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Potassium is another key element that keeps the blood circulation in its best health and potatoes have lots of it. It would increase your sexual desire and improve your performance in bed.

25. Eggs

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Eggs increase sex drive naturally. They are a great source of vitamins B5 and B6. It keeps the energy and hormonal level in balance.

26. Salmon

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Omega-3 fatty acids keep the heart healthy and salmon like other oily-cold water fishes have high amounts of this. It also boosts the dopamine levels and improves blood circulation which excites arousal in you. Dopamine can help to build bonding between couples.

27. Coconut water

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Coconut water is super rich in vitamins and minerals, it replenishes many nutrients that we lose daily. It is known for building sexual prowess of men and keep their body nicely watered down. Water is important, from blood flow to the mobility of sperms. Coconut water seems to have all to provide.

28. Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits give all the nutritional value while also helping with the cleansing process of the system. They are vitamin-rich and keeps the blood vessels clean for proper blood flow. Add fruits to your daily diet and enjoy the freshness that they bring.

29. Thiamine

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Thiamine keeps the brain healthy so having thiamine-rich food makes sure that our brain responds well to the sexual feelings. Have bread, pasta, nuts, oats, beef, dried milk to get all the thiamine you need.

30. Have caffeine

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Coffee can bring your metabolism in great shape and clears your blood vessels for good blood flow. Caffeine should be consumed in limits and correct usage would just give the rock hard erections that you need.

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