5 Style Tips to Look More Muscular Than Actually You Are

Building up muscle to gain a body that you’re proud of is no walk in the park. It’s actually a common concern for men. It takes a lot of motivation to drag yourself to the gym, a lot of hours spent training and a lot of self-discipline to eat the right foods to see the results. But with a little bit of knowledge and style tips, you can make look more muscular than actually, you are.

Here are our style tips on how you can join the much awaited muscular club :

1. Boost your Body

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As charity begins at home, the inception must occur from your own body. Cut that stomach fat, train your legs. Beef up your shoulders, blast that upper neck. All and above, what you seek is that rigorous workout, that dedication strenuous enough to bridge up your goal.

2. Opt for apparels a/c to your body type

Muscular Body Type
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The aesthetic view creates the first impression in people’s mind.  It’s the kind of optical illusion from which you can play and captivate minds of viewers. Many skinny guys make the mistake of wearing oversized clothes. What you need is that regular & slim clothing. Something that carves out your real body line.

3. Short and Long-sleeved  T-Shirt

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Identify the best t-shirts that suit you. Don’t go for the baggy one, instead take the long sleeves. Having the propensity to fold up as well as hinged to the finger, those are the new style statement. Not only they shed your skin tone, but also flip that dull posture into a confident one.

4. Blazers the best buddies

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A well-fitted suit is a key to showing off all the good bits of your body. Jackets and blazers gives that necessary threshold to your torso. It’s almost impossible to apprehend your petite figure. Moreover, what’s better than an attractive shield to the prospected hulk figure.

5. Smile and Pick a Great Scent

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Smiling projects confidence and a sociable and approachable attitude. For girls, that can mean even looking more muscular than you are. Also, smelling great adds that extra bulk you need. Opt for fragrances that are long lasting and not too intense, but one rule that remains stable is to avoid putting too much on.

Being skinny isn’t bad after all. All it takes is some little research and guidance. Gone are the insecurities and body image issues, and transform yourself into a stalwart, hunky fashionista whatever the situation calls for, anytime, anywhere.

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