10 Style Disaster Every Short Man Should Avoid

Being short has both its perks and challenges; short people can look just as stylish and charismatic as any other guy. Simply that there are just a few key errors many shorter guys make when getting dressed, and that if you learn to avoid them, you’ll forever change your look.

Here, the style mistakes you really want to steer clear of:

1. You wear loose, you LOSE

Fitting clothes look great on short men, it deciphers out your real personality.  Loose clothing tenders the shape of an airbag with small size, just ready enough for an embarrass.

10 Style Disaster Every Short Man Should Avoid
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2. Why Square-Toed shoes

It’s what you get while battling with a low budget. They’re just plain ugly and hints everyone around that you have no clue about dressing well. There are lots of other options and you can certainly have your feet in them.

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3. Jerseys that jeopardize

Jerseys which are meant to showcase sheer fandom looks utterly disgusting, especially on shorter guys. Maybe if you want to support your team, you’re welcome else, they’re wholly inappropriate and just always make you look very immature.

4. Burry the backpack

It’s not the old school time anymore and unless you go for hiking or expedition. The broad figure captivates all your upscale and leaves no room for the real physique to even make a cameo. You may think to fancy as a grown man, but this choice is totally non-pragmatic.

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5. Go for a Shield

Rather than opting for a lone shirt piece or t-shirt, it’s always charming to bless them with a blazer. Because Blazer is your best friend. it will help build up your shoulders, which adds height and paves way for the 56-inch chest.

10 Style Disaster Every Short Man Should Avoid
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6. Prohibit the hipbone pass

If you’re short and wearing a button down shirt, you should be tucking it for a long height. But beware if you go the other way, once it gets past hipbone or anything longer untucked and it will swallow you up and make your legs look stubby.

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7. Mix is malign

Mixing different colors break up your proportions. It’ll make you look shorter and deter your credentials. It looks more bizarre and distracts the audience from your real picture. For a more fluid look, go for simple colors in unison.

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8. No more Full sleeves

With the modern traits, full sleeves are bruising the shorter personalities. They cover up your major portion and also contribute to fatigue. Instead, pick the short sleeves or cuff the long sleeves, both alluring in their own style and comfort.

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9. Keep accessories simple

In order to appear taller, you want the eyes of whoever’s looking at you to sweep upward. The more someone’s eyes sweep upward, the taller they’ll register whatever it is they’re looking at. Steer clear of flashy shoes, flashy watches, and big belt buckles.

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10. Don’t panic

Love your height and be comfortable in your skin. If you are tired of people telling you what to wear and what not to wear, just go with your own style. Confidence adds a strong enigma to your personality. There are many inspirations like Master Blaster & Mister Perfectionist too. So enjoy your height and experiment with your style.

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