4 Stupid Shirt Trends Men Think Are Fashionable

To be honest with you, I wasn’t much into fashion just some time ago. When I came to the metropolitan city- Bangalore alone, I found really odd (not to mention – seemingly stupid) things that men did which they thought were trendy and ‘cool’.

4 Stupid Things Men Do With Their Shirts
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I, on the other hand, found it strange. So I dug deeper into the fashion world.  I tried to find out if their so-called styles did, in fact, attract ladies. Within no time, bingo! The results were in my favour. The trends that these guys followed were admired by no one except themselves.

So let’s look at what are the stupid things men do when it comes to fashion.

1. Buttons Off

Guys, you need to accept this. The pictures of guys on Beaches in Miami workout every day and even wax their bodies. Most of us here just have our chest hair to show off. I personally remove the hair of my chest as I workout moderately.

4 Stupid Things Men Do With Their Shirts
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Even after doing that,  I do NOT leave my buttons unbuttoned. Some guys even laughed when I had buttoned up. They told me I looked like an uncle. However, when I asked about how I looked to some girls, they said it was cute.

The same guys who laughed would leave their top two buttons off clearly showing off their pile of chest hair. It seemed to worsen their appearance. So, who should be laughing now?

2. Apple-cut shirts but Untucked?

I get it. Apple-cut shirts are designed to make you look good even when you untuck it. And this is also why the shirts are left untucked from the beginning. But what goes wrong is its length.

4 Stupid Things Men Do With Their Shirts
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Putting it quite frankly, a guy with a long apple-cut shirt can look like a college drunkard if he is walking down the lane without tucking it in. Moreover, I’ve seen thin guys try this out which makes it look even worse. They look malnourished as well.

By the way, these shirts are long for a reason- they’re meant to be tucked in. If you really wish to leave your bodywear untucked, just go for a simple t-shirt.

3. Shirts on top of Denim Jeans

I don’t understand if this has become so common because of a trend or if people can’t afford other types of pants. If you’re wearing a denim shirt or a jacket on top of your jeans, that sure looks great. But wearing a plain formal shirt with denim jeans is just plain bad.

4 Stupid Things Men Do With Their Shirts
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It doesn’t really seem odd now, because most people are doing it. Thus, it’s typical and stupid now. If you’re wearing a formal shirt, make sure to wear formal pants with it or nothing else. The colours in the formal pants are again your choice.

So you can have your fun there.

4. Rolling up Sleeves

There are shirts out there that are made to make your rolled-up sleeves appear great. But if you’re trying to roll your long sleeves up with your everyday office uniform, that’ll appear shabby.

4 Stupid Things Men Do With Their Shirts
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In addition to that, as I mentioned about waxing before, if you don’t have the habit of it, you’ll be showing off your handsome arm hair every time you roll up your sleeve.

I roll up my sleeves too, but I make sure I roll up with the right shirts. Full-sleeved, formal shirts that typically go with black formal pants should never be rolled up!

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