8 Stereotypes Which Are Killing The Chances Of Delhi Guys To Date

Did you ever have this face off with a beautiful girl, who had always been your crush ever since you have known love, and when you approached to tell her the pain that your heart is in she merely brushed you off by saying “fuck off you pervert”! Well… that! happened to me. Though that happened a long time ago when I was in school, things remained pretty much the same. And not just for me, but for most of my friends. Then a time came when I was finally successful in making a girl realize that I am nothing like a ” typical Delhi guy.” But who is this “typical Delhi guy” who seems to be a nightmare in the dating scene? The credit would surely go to our dear internet in stereotyping every Delhi guy image. Let us take a look at what a created ‘typical Delhi guy’ image looks like.

1.”I once dated a guy From Faridabad. He had a clear heart and a clear head”

8 Stereotypes which are killing chances of Delhi guys to date
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These are the words that I came across in a video on Youtube. Technically Faridabad is Delhi NCR. And when I showed that video to my cousin to pull his leg, who is from Faridabad, that 21-year-old guy with no girlfriend had no words to say but only a scared smile. It takes a lot of courage to ask the girl of your dreams to go out on a date but these stereotypes are killing that confidence.

2.”Can’t end the sentence without saying BC”

Do all these people know about the unwritten rules of friendship? You do it when your Friend Does. That goes without saying bruh! Jokes apart. Not everyone is a curse addict.
We can be a true gentleman with the ladies.

3. “They make the girl do all the spending!”

8 Stereotypes which are killing chances of Delhi guys to date
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Okay now, this one is too far-fetched. What reality does that leave for a guy who is short on money? “Girls don’t fall for a poor guy.” Kudos!

4. “Did you hear his tone?”

As soon as a Haryanvi tone creeps into the conversation that makes the person instantly guilty of being disrespectful. What is in the tone? There is a lot to discover in a person than his tone for God sake!

5. “Pervert by face”

Delhi boys breathe, eat or drink only after watching porn! Porn is their life period. They can’t possibly know what love is! All these things create that old age societal image where sex is a taboo. Porn doesn’t make a person pervert. I should have told that girl from ma hood!

6. “Can’t speak English, move over!”

English is supposedly the mother tongue of a Delhi guy. You can’t possibly order a pizza in any language other than English. One can’t say to a girl “Mai Tumse Bahut Pyar Karta Hun” as it has to be “I love you so much”. Does English teach a boy how to love?

7. “A gym freak”

A Delhi guy is simply not a show-off. Muscle building is an art, and if we have perfected the skill how does that exactly makes a person gym freak or brainless!

8. “Did you see! lol! That Reebuk?”

Okay! Okay! Not everybody spends a ton and buys from a mall alright. There is a lot to discover in a person than what is apparent- I repeat! There is a lot to discover in a person.

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