How To Spot An Inexperienced Trainer At The Gym?

I am a firm believer in thinking that Gym is an investment. The money being spent on your health is always an investment in the long run. Whenever we are making any investment we think about getting the most out of the money that we spent. So it feels like we have been cheated when we are devoid of their end of the bargain. Some gyms have all the machinery and the facilities but what they lack is the faculty to help you reach your fitness goal. There are these so-called trainers who are jacked but do not know how to guide a person for him to reach his best self.

Here are a few ways to spot an inexperienced gym trainer:

1. Weight Over Form

This is one of the easiest ways to spot one of these trainers. They tell you to focus more on increasing the weight of your set and not on improving the form. The form is the most important part of muscle building. If you don’t have an idea which muscle to target and which motion will target it then most of your workout goes in vain. Also, bad form and heavy weights can cause injuries and distress.

2. Promotes Steroids

How To Spot A Pseudo Trainer In Gym
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One of the biggest red flags is when the gym trainer tells you to use steroids or promotes steroids to you to get better results. Steroids are enhancers which can help you achieve a good physique but the repercussions are too severe to ignore. Steroids can do serious damage to vital body parts like kidneys, liver, etc.

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3. Unempathetic

Empathy goes a long way in life. We all have heard this, but our dear (inexperienced) gym trainers sometimes forget this trait. They try to exceed the person’s limit because it worked for themselves. Not all people were created equal. So, a trainer should be empathetic and try not to exert too much pressure on you.

4. Not Motivating

One of the most important reasons you go to the gym is that you feel more motivated to work out there. But if the gym trainer is not motivating you then you would lose the will to even go to the gym.

5. Unrealistic Goals

How To Spot A Pseudo Trainer In Gym
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We all want to have a physique like Captain America, but the truth is we are all built differently. Sometimes the trainer sets unrealistic expectations for us which when not fulfilled harms our self-esteem and then we doubt why are we even trying. Setting unrealistic expectation in the gym or life only saddens us in the long run.

6. Money Minded

How To Spot A Pseudo Trainer In Gym
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Yeah! I agree money is important in life, but if the gym trainer at all times is just trying to make an extra buck out of you by pitching his products or asks you to hire him as a personal trainer for better results then you are just another source of income for him, not a person he is responsible to work on. And, if you don’t do what he tells then he stops paying attention to you completely.

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7. Gives Phony Advice

How To Spot A Pseudo Trainer In Gym
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Some of these inexperienced gym trainers give you advice which is complete and utter baloney. One of my gym trainers told me to work out without a fan or AC and wear a sweatshirt to sweat more. Sweating more is not burning more calories. A good professional trainer will never give you such advice

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