5 Sportsmen Who Can Give Serious Style Inspiration

Our conversations regarding style inspiration usually revolve around actors and models. But a look at the modern-day sportsmen would convince us these ripped athletes can give any actor or model a run for their money. With more and more brand queuing up to these sportsmen for endorsement deals, it is no secret that these new age men are here to rewrite the rules of style and fashion.

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Presenting 5 such sportsmen who can give all of us serious style inspiration:

1. David Beckham

Timeless, suave, elegant, and fashionable-the common factor for all these adjectives would be David Beckham. The football icon is not only known for his sport but also for his looks and style. This man aces his style game every damn time. Throughout his career, he has rocked several cool hairstyles. Be it his Mohawk or his sleek look, he manages to pull off almost every look. After retirement too, Beckham continues to win hearts all around with his impeccable sense of style. His wardrobe is surely the Holy Grail for all the men out there who aspire to look fashionable and stylish. It surely won’t be an exaggeration to say that all women want him and all men want to be him.

David Beckham style Inspiratiom
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2. Virat Kohli

How can our desi Munda not be on this list? That chiselled body, tattooed arm, bulging biceps is capable of sweeping any woman off her feet. He is not afraid to experiment with his beard and hairstyles which simply shows that he isn’t just fearless on the field but off the field as well. His Instagram is simply the right mix of suave and quirk. Well, he surely has won over Anushka with his amazing sense of style, you too can get inspired by his style and who knows you may also get the woman of your dreams just like he did.

Virat Kohli style inspiration
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3. J.J Redick

This 6 ft 4-inch man is a professional basketball player and is the member of the team of Los Angeles Clippers. He is undoubtedly one of the most good-looking sportsmen of our generation and what happens when you mix such god looks with a marvellous sense of style? You get perfection, and that is exactly how we describe this hunk. Be it a casual sweatshirt or a formal suit, he seems to be able to rock everything with equal ease. If this man doesn’t get you inspired then who else will?

J J Redick Style Inspiration
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4. Roger Federer

Another sportsman who personifies the word timeless. This legend has heralded by many as the best ever to have played to be tennis. Outside the filed Federer is known for his dignified yet humble attitude and this surely reflects in his sense of style as well. Muted yet elegant, Federer’s presence never screams for respect, it simply demands it. It understated is your way of style, you sure know whom to follow.

Federer Style inspiration
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5. Brett Lee

Lastly, we have a man on the list whose attractiveness simply cannot go unnoticed. He is as much known for how bowling speed and he is known for his sharp dressing sense. There has to be a reason why brands run after him for endorsement deals. He can impress as much as in a white tee and blue jeans as he can in a sharp suit. And not to mention, he can rock that kurta much better than many Indian men can.

Brett Lee style inspiration
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So what are you waiting for? Now that you are inspired go and head to the mall already and make heads turn in the next party you attend.

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