The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men

When It comes to skincare we men are generally more careless and do not bother with even the basic things. We somehow think that not taking good care of our largest body organ will somehow make us more manly. We think its too time consuming and girly. First of all, there is nothing feminine in taking care of yourself. It’ll only take you 5 minutes in the morning and at night. I am not telling you to go complete Patrick Bateman on your skin, just use these basic products for a clean and healthy skin:


The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men
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The type of facewash to use depends on the type of skin you have whether it’s oily or dry or something in between. Recommendation: Biotique papaya face wash

You should wash your face at least twice a day. Once after waking up then before you sleep. Washing your face removes the dirt, dust, and pollutants present in your skin. It clears out your skin and makes it ready for the next step. It should only take about 30 seconds.


The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men
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Men, your mom was right all along no matter the skin type you have, moisturizer is a must. Recommendation: Vaseline cocoa butter

One of the most important steps is to moisturize your face. Washing your face can leave it dry so a good moisturizer will provide the required moisture your face needs.

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The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men
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One of the biggest problems Indian men face with their skin is uneven tanning so sunscreen is a must for everyone. Use anything with genuine SPF.

Sunscreen is also as important for your skin as a moisturizer. For the longest I never used it but when I did start it provide additional protection to my skin. This layer reduces uneven tanning and makes for healthy skin.

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The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men
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This cleans and extracts the outer layer of the skin clearing out all the pores and accumulated dirt and oil. Recommendation: Beardo charcoal scrub

The first step in cleaning out your face is to exfoliate it twice every week. Exfoliation is important as it removes the dead skin layer bringing out your clear skins. Exfoliate for 1 to 2 minutes.

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The Perfect 5 Minute Skincare Routine For Men
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This is the best product to use on sensitive areas like lips, cracked toes, etc.

Bonus: Stay Hydrated

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