50 Simple Hairstyles For Party For Men That Won’t Get Unnoticed

Simple hairstyles for a party sounds like quite an oxymoron right?

Since at a party we are usually expected to get all decked up. But who says that simplicity does not equal to gorgeousness?

As the mantra goes, less is more, one shouldn’t try to overdo it at a party as it can appear to be quite over the top. So the key to look cool at a party is to be simple and stylish and let us tell these two go together quite well.

So in case, you have a big party coming up and you are wondering how to style your so that you look simple and fabulous at the same time, fret not, we are here to help. Presenting 50 simple hairstyles for parties so that you look effortlessly gorgeous in the next event you attend.

And just so you know this list contains something for everyone. In case you have an oval face and looking for hairstyles solely for that, check this out.

1. High Skin Fade and Hard Part Comb Over

Classy and elegant. You can’t go wrong with the faded hairstyle. With a high skin fade on the sides and a comb-over simple hairstyle on top, this stylish look has been a very popular men’s haircut idea for years and can grab significant eyeballs.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -1
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2. Crew Cut coupled with  High Fade and Full Beard

This is for all those men who want to look all macho at a party with minimal effort. Easy and effortless.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party-2
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3. Textured Top with Taper Fade and Beard

If you are feeling a little bold, go for this. This spiky haircut features a textured top with a short taper fade on the sides. The natural styling of the short hair really makes this hairstyle look good.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party-3
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4. Slicked Back Undercut with Long Beard

This slicked back undercut is a great example of a stylish modern men’s hairstyle. With long brushed-back hair and a full beard, this masculine look is a real man’s man haircut

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -4
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5. Buzz cut and  fade

probably the simplest one out there

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -5
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6. High Skin Pompadour

Do it as Virat does.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -6
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7. Thick curly hair with high bald taper fade

If you got nice curly hair, this is what you should go for

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -6
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8. Side part

The good old classic hairstyle that suits in every occasion

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -7
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9. Wavy fringe along with low taper fade

This cool hairstyle features a low taper fade with a short wavy fringe. It’s a great way to style hard-to-manage wavy or curly hair.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -8
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10. Burst Fade Mohawk

This is for the ones looking to make a statement. All you need is a good hair gel for the same.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party-10
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11. Comb over with part and taper fade

This trendy comb over fade is paired with a clean hard part and thick stubble.

50 Simple Hairstyle For Party -11
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12. Low tapered fade with long textures sleek back

Pretty cool and pretty easy

50 simple hairstyle for party-12
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13. Textured quiff

one of the hottest men’s hairstyle can sure warm up a party

50 simple party hairstyles -13
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14. Brushed back hair

Classic to your rescue

50 simple party hairstyles-14
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15. Short French crop

It is quite simple to pull off and even simpler to get it done

50 simple party hairstyle for men-15
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16. High Bald Fade with Hard Side Part

This for the no-nonsense men

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17. Classic taper

If you want to skip all the drama, just go for this.

50 simple party hairstyle-17
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18. Undercut

For the men with the thick hair, this has to be your messiah.

50 simple party hairstyle-18
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19. Mohawk

The classic way to be the centre of attention

50 simple party hairstyle for men-19
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20. Simple spikes

The classic and the reliable.

50 simple hairstyle for men-20
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21. Ivy league

Vintage and traditional, the Ivy League is another go-to hairstyle that any guy can pull off without complicated instructions or an army of styling products.

50 simple party hairstyle-21
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22. Messy Wavy Hair with Mid Fade and Beard

One easy way to style wavy hair is to simply go for the dishevelled, messy hairstyle

50 simple party hairstyle-22
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23. Textured Spiky Hair with High Skin Fade

This underdog might be the start of the next party you attend

50 simple party hairstyle-23
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24. Short Textured Fringe with Low Taper Fade

As one of the best short men’s haircuts, this longer crew cut is styled with a messy fringe

50 simple hairstyle for men-24
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25. Quiff with high drop fade

Stylise your fade with a certain side fade and make it look even more amazing

50 simple party hairstyle-25
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26. Low Skin Fade with Line Up and Messy Top

As complicated it might sound,  but it is quite a simple hairstyle for a party.

50 simple party hairstyle -26
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27. Brushed Up Fringe With Mild Bald Face

For men with straight thick hair, this should be your look.

50 simple party hairstyle-27
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28. Low Drop Fade with Shape Up and Twists

If you have the hair texture to pull of this look, then definitely opt for this on your next party

50 simple party hairstyle-28
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29. Back brush with undercut

pair that classic back brush with an undercut.

50 simple party hairstyle -29
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30. Wavy brushed up hair with razor high fade

This brushed up hairstyle provides a nice, handsome look for guys with wavy hair. The razor fade delivers all the contrast needed.

50 simple party hairstyle-30
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31. Thick spiky hair with shaved sides

Bold and confident. Let your hairstyle ooze out your personality.

50 simple party hairstyle-31
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32. Quiff with short sides

Just another awesome way to style your quiff

50 simple party hairstyle-32
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33. Thick brush up with under cut and beard

if you are looking to flaunt your thick hair, this will do it for you

50 simple party hairstyle-33
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34. Asymmetrical

If you are bold to pull it off, this hairstyle can be quite a show stopper for your next party

50 simple party hairsytle-34
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35. Long Side Swept

What easier way to style your long hair?

50 simple party hairstyle-35
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36. Ponytail

if you have it, flaunt it

50 simple party hairstyle -36
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37. Man bun

What is stopping you from flaunting those gorgeous locks?

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38. Top knot

This hairstyle doesn’t require a hairstylist, just courage.

50 simple party hairstyle -38
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39. Tousled Hairstyle

Be it a work meeting or your friend’s wedding. This hairstyle is the perfect fit for every occasion.

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40. Textured crop

A messy, textured crop is a great way to get a short haircut but leverage your natural hair.

50 simple party hairstyle-40
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41. Blowout fade

This is a very versatile and simple hairstyle that is suitable for every party

50 simple party hairstyle-41
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42.  Blowout taper

Two words: classy and understated hairstyle

50 simple party hairstyle-42
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43. Low blow out fade

Another one from the blowout family, this is also quite a sophisticated and classy style.

50 simple party hairstyle-43
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44. Angular fringe

it can be quite an edgy look.

50 simple party hairstyle-44
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45. Short fringe

Super low maintenance and  super cute

50 simple party hairstyle -45
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46.  Long Fringe

It’s dramatic and flirty.

50 simple party hairstyle-46
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47. Fade with bangs

Get that masculine, trendy look by combining bangs with a fade

50 simple party hairstyle-47
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48. Textured bangs

for a natural and casual look, this hairstyle is a go-to one

50 simple party hairstyle-48
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49. Messy fringe

your gateway to effortlessly sexy look

50 simple party hairstyle-49
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50. Wavy fringe

Embrace your waves with a simple and flattering wavy fringe hairstyle

50 simple party hairstyle-50
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So there you go, a curated collection for you featuring 50 simple hairstyles for a party. Just embrace the one suits you the most and is the star of the next party you attend. And if you are wondering how to know which hairstyle will suit you the best, it is essential to know your face shape. Want to know your face shape? we are here to help.

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