According To Science Shower Beers Are Super Healthy, Make You Smarter And More Creative

For all the sober souls out there living the horrendous life what if I bombard you with beer benefits. Beer, the amazing remedy for kidney and type-2 diabetes, the accelerator for your recovery and battling other body fatigues. You need to bear this since you are drifting away from the meticulous moh-maya of your life. But enough about the lone beer, lets explore deep with something fun. A Shower Beer. Has it been an exhausting day, have a shower and a beer!

1. More refreshing than F5

After a long day, the whole body demands anything but refreshment. So, undo your apparels, grab a bottle and rock the bathroom floor with the beer shower. With the draining water, all your worries will also flow down to the sink and for the point, you are still sober for the outside world!

2. Get Smart-Get Creative

According to a recent study, alcohol consumption can boost your smartness and creativity. Ever heard the quote, “The brightest ideas are authored under the shower.” The alcohol blood has the ability to wipe out stress and lets you think out of the box. So just let the drops pour and extinguish your anguish.

3. The Superior From Rest

Some say beach beer or sunbath beer is the best, but never ever listen to those woeful wizards. Be it science or human experience, companies or surveys, Shower beer has come out with flying colors like always. And FYI some brands have launched an exquisite category beer particularly to have under the shower.

4. Join The Clever Community

You will not be the first one to try this stunt. It’s actually very popular stuff but sadly shower is done behind the closed doors. There are special social media groups dedicated to the good cause of shower beer. You can join them and exchange your experience or maybe shower related queries I guess!

5. A Terrific Turf

Is there any other activity to end your day on such a HIGH note. Coz you are doing something so awesome and the pleasure to accomplish your endeavors in solitude. With the shower and bathtub all squaring up for the beautiful scenery, you can even grab a charismatic selfie (T & C apply*)

It’s less of a pastime but more of an euphoria and not necessarily a bad thing. It instigates you to get rid of boredom and step forward to lose your griefs. Who knows you can reach the best of your zeal and come up with some fascinating out of the box mindset which was never possible standing out of the shower.

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