The Shocking Secrets Behind Drastic Body Transformation No One Talks About

We’ve all been plagued by drastic body transformation images on Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re unfamiliar to the concept, it is nothing but a collage of the first and last day of your diet/exercise routine. It motivates us to work out. But I give up soon. These body transformation pictures make me envious. And as far-fetched the standards might seem, people do achieve it.

But, is it what it appears to be? Are the people who post body transformation images truly happy? They might be happy about the results, but was it worth the process? We can only see the beginning and the end, what is the process? There are so many questions whose answers I couldn’t find on Google. They share with us effective and positive ways to gain the Gold’s Gym body and physique. Can anyone lose forty pounds in 20 days without the use of secondary supplements? Here are some shocking secrets behind the ’30-day’ body transformation images I’ve found out on the internet after much research:

1. People don’t usually start the journey on a positive note

Why do they suddenly take the drastic decision of losing weight? Either they’re suffering from some illness which needs them to shed those extra pounds or they’ve been body-shammed into doing so. Both of them are bound to make someone miserable. This man tells you why they started their journey to lose bodyweight.

The Shocking Secrets Behind Drastic Body Transformation Images

2. The journey isn’t always worth it

The mental and physical stress of going to the gym while maintaining a normal work routine isn’t easy. I am a college student and after that, I have yoga classes. But, you know what, I can’t attend the classes regularly as it strains my sleeping pattern. You’re bound to fall sick if you run on five hours of sleep three days a week. Our body can only take so much.

The Shocking Secrets Behind Drastic Body Transformation Images

3. They use secondary supplements and steroids to make the process quick

Have you ever wondered how can people lose so many pounds in 20 days or so? They’re bound to take secondary supplements to achieve results faster. Even if someone hadn’t planned on doing so, the pressure put on him by social media might have forced him to. It’s a lot like using cheatsheets for winning games. You want to win it the right way but it’s so tough and these cheatsheets are easily available.

The Shocking Secrets Behind Drastic Body Transformation Images

4. Too much of it leaves a strain on the body

As I said, if you work out more than you’re required to and you sleep for less than six hours daily, you’re bound to fall sick. I fell sick a while ago because my body couldn’t function properly. I had to stop everything before 12 am and go to sleep. Also, when your mom tells you to do something, you do it. No questions asked.

The Shocking Secrets Behind Drastic Body Transformation Images

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