10 Sex Toys For Men You Didn’t Know You Needed

While some of you may already know this, most of you do not. Sex toys are available for men too. Men in India have very limited information about pleasuring themselves in other ways than the traditional jerk-off. While single guys are going to make the most of these toys, even if you are in a relationship and have an amazing sex life, you could still use a little extra help. So, the next time you feel like giving yourself a hand, well, don’t use your hand, use one of the toys from our list.

1. Fleshlight

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

While masturbating, we’ve all wished that we had the real thing around our penis instead of our hand. Well, look no further. The Fleshlight is a device that will take you as close as you can get to the feeling of having a real vagina around your penis. It’s opening is tight and may seem difficult to enter at first but it is stretchy and can accommodate all sizes. Once you’re inside, the silicon has an incredibly plump and fleshy texture to simulate a real-feel sexual experience. The inside chamber creates pressure sensations that feel like firm resistance for added pleasure. Move it up and down your shaft, or twist and turn it as you please, until you reach that satisfying climax. Buy it here.

2. Blowjob Stimulator

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

These are meant to give you the exact same sensation as an actual blowjob. The stroker comes with a chamber to enclose your tool and a designed tongue-like feature that strokes your penis when you put it in. It’s designed to feel just as warm & moist as a real tongue and you will barely notice the difference. Buy it here.

3. Anus Stimulator

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

Want to experience what anal sex feels like but your girlfriend just won’t give it up? Well, we’ve got just what you need. Anus stimulators are male masturbators that resemble a tight and puckered anus. The natural pink skin tone makes it feel exactly like the real thing. Some variants are further enhanced with lots of textured bumps, to provide an even more satisfying experience. Buy it here.

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4. Penis Pump

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

All of us have flirted with the idea of having a bigger penis. There’s no point denying it. While surgery is the only permanent solution (it’s too expensive and currently unavailable in India), there are devices that can make you member bigger temporarily. The Penis Enlargement Pump is a brilliant device that will help you enlarge your penis. This high-tech pump will help you increase the length and the girth of your penis and lets you have a little fun while you work with it. Buy it here.

5. Cock Rings

 Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

I bet you’ve seen many male porn stars use these. You can use one while having sex, or while pleasuring yourself. It restricts blood flow from the penis so that you have harder erections and last longer. There are variants of the cock ring that can vibrate, giving you an added dimension of pleasure. Buy it here.

6. Prostate Massager

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

Say what you will but prostate massage is really a thing and it’s much more pleasurable than you might think. Much like any other type of massage, it is the stimulation of a body part that can be done both by hand and with the help of a device designed for such purposes. In fact, prostate massage is said to be helpful when it comes to prostate cancer prevention and it also increases your sex drive and stamina. If you have already tried everything and are now ready to play with some completely new sensations, you should give this one a chance. Buy it here.

7. Masturbator PadSex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

Designed as a lightweight pad that is easy to use, this masturbator is good to go whenever you are. Its texture is capable of creating stimulation of a much greater intensity than your hand ever could. So, the next time you get in the mood for some quality alone time, simply take out your new toy and place it on your hand. Most of these work for both left-handed and hand-handed people. Buy it here.

8. Breasts Stimulator (With Vagina & Anus Stimulators In-Built)

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

Want to get some motorboating action but your girlfriend is out of town? This one lets you have some of that and a lot more. It features big breasts with nipples, a vaginal entrance and an anal entrance, which makes it the complete package. Additional vibration and a real lifelike moaning sound are a few welcome add-ons that come with this product. Buy it here.

9. Strap-On Vibrators

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

These come with a strap that you tie around your arm. It adds vibrations to your fingertips which give you an extra sensation every time you touch yourself. The vibration can be adjusted as per your own will.

10. Desensitizing Cream

Sex Toys For Men You Didn't Know You Needed

This isn’t really a toy, but trust me, you’re going to want to use this one anyway. For those of you who want to last longer but unfortunately can’t make it happen, these creams are just what you need. These are basically lubricants but they desensitize your penis thereby restricting blood-flow, resulting in longer-lasting erections. Buy it here.

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