All You Need To Know About SARMs Side Effects And Its Limits?

SARMs are the new popular thing in the supplements market and we have discussed the benefits of SARMs over traditional AAS. The most troublesome thing about SARMs side effects which makes it a very dangerous alternative to AAS is that since it is so new very less research has been conducted on it. The world doesn’t know much about this new drug and so there is confusion about SARMs side effects. Though what is known is down below.

1. Testosterone suppression just like traditional AAS

Though no matter what the SARMs companies say about this it has been proven that SARMs does suppress testosterone production.

The study concluded that Male subjects who took 3 milligrams of Ostarine each day for 86 days had a 23% decline in free testosterone and 43% decline in total testosterone levels.

Similar results were found for the drug Ligandrol. On top of everything, SARMs are being tested as a contraceptive measure for men since they lower the levels of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone, which reduced sperm count and testosterone levels. This should not come as surprising since the introduction of androgen in the body from outer sources results in messing up with the hormonal levels making the body realise that it doesn’t need to produce testosterone as much as it normally does. ;

2. SARMs quantity

SARMs have side effects just like AAS, only this can be reduced when SARMs are taken in low amount. Though bodybuilders never take it in low amounts and experience steroidal side effects like acne and hair loss.

3. SARMs may cause cancer

SARMs were being tested on mice but the trials had to be canceled because it was causing cancerous cells in the intestine. Though we share 98% DNA of rats still we are clearly not the same and the role of SARMs in causing cancer is not clear.

Some research like this even suggests that SARMs helps to inhibit a certain type of cancers. So it clearly needs more research before we could know what are SARMs side effects.

4. Are SARMs legal?


SARMs are known as legal supplements, however, that is only the half truth. They are sold as Experimental Chemicals that are not made for human consumption. So the risk can be seen clearly. World Anti Doping Agency has already banned them and though they are harder to get caught in the system athletes should not risk their careers.

So are SARMs actually safe? Well, the clear answer is no since we don’t know much about it and what is known is still covered in doubtful haze. It is best to not jump on this shiny wagon of wonderful supplement till it is absolutely clear what situation will a person be in once he starts the SARMs consumption.

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