Ruth Deasy: The Weightlifter Who Strated Lifting Weights In Her 60s

While other people of her age prefer sitting indoors after their retirement, Ruth Deasy of Dublin, Ireland chose to be a weightlifter. She started lifting weights in her 60s and has been lifting weights for more than two years. She says,

“At 60, I was unfit, but two years later, it’s Olympic weightlifting for me.”

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How Did This Start?

Ruth was given medical advice to do “resistance training” two years due to the weakness of her body. It was nothing less than a shocker for her as such training includes lifting weights and in her long life, she has never been to a gym. The idea of lifting anything too heavy had never crossed her mind but now she was about to lift huge weights.

She had determination in her mind. She decided to take help from her sons. Luckily, her two sons were weightlifters too, Olympic kind at that. They were more than happy to help their mother in her new venture.

Ruth started slowly with the basics. Her sons patiently trained her like careful coaches in the gym twice a week. She started lifting weights within months under the guidance of her sons.

After some months in the local gym, her sons made her go to a club. They were encouraging their mother by pushing her out of her comfort zone.

Getting Into The Scene

Ruth then joined a women’s beginner course in Dublin 8’s Capital Strength Club. Her sons handed her to her new coach Harry Leech, a very deserving replacement.

She started training with women of different ages and weights together. Everyone was positive and encouraging in the club. This gradually built her as a weightlifter, irrespective of the late start.

Now, Ruth is advancing slowly out of the beginner’s class to the novice class. She is advised by her coach to understand her body and not compare herself with the younger women out there.

Her sons are always there to back her with encouragement. They believe she can even a medal if she enters a competition!

Ruth Deasy, a 62-year-old lady from Dublin, Ireland is lifting 15kg steel bars with metal plates on the sides. Even individuals of the younger generation are not sure of themselves when it comes to such sports, but our lady here is doing wonders.

Before you go to the gym after taking inspiration from Ruth, you can go through our of some workout injuries and ways to avoid them.


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