4 Rules Of Thumb To Follow For A One Night Stand

One night stands are great if you want to have some fun with no strings attached. You meet a person, there is instant chemistry, you guys hot it off like age-old pals, and have amazing sex all night long. The next morning you guys get back to your everyday life and in all probability never even meet each other again. Sounds like a dream right?

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Well, real life works a tad bit differently. If you want to have a night worth remembering, do make sure to follow these rules and you will be good to go.

1. Make sure both of you are on the same page

It is important that both you and your partner know that it is, in fact, a one night stand. Don’t manipulate her or lead her on to believing that there might be more to it. It is one thing if this casual thing turns serious later if there is mutual interest but make sure in the beginning both of you are aware that it just one night of casual sex.

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2. Be safe

I know this point is stated time and again but only because it is so important. Sex without protection on a one night stand is completely off the table. Just imagine do you really want to get that dirty with someone whom you don’t even know. An STD or unwanted pregnancy is definitely not how you want to remember the night, do you? So gentlemen, be smart and always carry protection if you plan on hooking up.

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3. Make it fun and casual

Let me get one thing clear. This is not going to work like it does in a movie. The chances of the girl walking in your place and doing it on the mat are pretty slim. In all probability, it’s going to start on a pretty awkward note. Ease the tension by maybe offering her a drink or making casual conversation. Once both of you are comfortable, then gradually slip into the main act

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4. Don’t linger

This is another very important point that every man must remember. It is called one night stand for a reason-it is meant for just one night. Once that is over, don’t sit around to learn about her native village or childhood friend. Once the night is over, offer to clean up if need be and then politely excuse yourself.

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So there you go, make sure to follow these rules the next time for an incredible session, thank us later

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