5 Golden Rules Of Approaching Women On Social Media

Before you enter into the zone of no return, be warned – Don’t Slytherin into her DM’s. Okay, that was a lame joke but you get the point.

If you do not know a woman, chances are she won’t respond to your friend request (let alone your messages). The thing with women is they’re too cautious about who they let into their virtual life. What if the guy who’s friend request she just accepted turns out to be a creep.

But, we’re forgetting that we live in a world where Tinder and Grindr and multitudes of dating app exists. So, why not give Facebook and Instagram a chance?

Rule #1:

Do not send unsolicited dick pics. They aren’t suitable conversation starters. Everyone knows this but some continue to do so because they believe their magical pony is going to cast a love spell on the onlooker. Charms and potions from witches living in the middle of the forest will work much better than this.

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Crude jokes aren’t the solution either. The person might have an extremely conservative background. You don’t want goons outside your house in the middle of the night.

Rule #2:

If you want the conversation to continue then don’t respond with a conversation stopper. That probably doesn’t make any sense, does it? Let’s consider this scenario for example –

You’re finally chatting with this girl on Facebook. As an instantaneous reaction, you wish her goodnight. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she might not wish you ‘Good morning’?

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Rule #3:

Don’t video call them right away? Yesterday, I had this guy call me beautiful on Instagram. I would have ignored it normally since I don’t reply to strangers without having a solid reason. But his next message was, “I wanted to tell you something.”

Needless to say, it intrigued me and I texted him back. The moment I texted him back, he took the liberty of video calling me. I called him out on his bullshit and blocked him.

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Don’t be like him. This is a desperate attempt to catch someone’s attention. Again, not everyone is as dumb as him but precaution is always better than cure. Amirite? What I am trying to say here is don’t take numerous leap of faiths at one go.

Rule #4:

Some women are a tough egg to crack. You cannot deny that. What we find irresistible in men is completely subjective. If some are attracted to wit then some are attracted to veiny hands (I belong in the second category of women). Striking up a conversation with anyone on social media is hard. You have to do the math and calculate your leap. Universally, addressing controversial topics is the best way to go. You can choose from a wide array of topics – from contemporary feminism to abortion laws. You’re sure to get a deep insight into someone’s mind and it will only help you analyse whether a person is right for you or not.

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Rule #5: 

Life can be boring but that doesn’t mean you have to comment ‘Nyc pix’ on their comment section. I apologize for another one of my lame attempts at trying to make my readers laugh. But there are so many pictures on the internet with comments like these. Unless, of course, the woman doesn’t know how to spell either. Don’t mistake this as friends playing a prank on their friends and posting weird comments such as these. They don’t count.

Important note: Controversial topics are not to be discussed here. This is purely for constructive criticism on their photography, or facial features, or anything that does not contain any ambiguity. 

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