7 Secret Signs To Know If You Are In A Rebound Relationship

Believe it or not, in today’s world of ‘one click away’ hookups and fast n furious breakups, chances are very high that you mistake rebound relationships for a serious one. We are living in a time when even romance and love have an expiry date. This is very much possible that you mistake a quick and easy rebound relationship to be an authentic relationship. Here are some ways to find out if you are in a tricky rebound:

1.The Rush

If you rushed into the new relationship too fast, be sure this is nothing but a rebound. A tricky escape from a past that haunts you.

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2. You Still Miss Your Ex-Partner

No matter how many dates you have had with your new mate, you still feel low at times even when you are out dining together or watching a movie. The memories keep following you and that’s a big sign you are in a rebound.

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3. It Is All About Sex

You just dive into sex and there is no lovely holding hands and tight hugs. If you are going this way around. You are in a rebound because making out is entirely okay but doing only that isn’t a good sign for a long term commitment.

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4. The Jealousy Game

Any of you two constantly engaged in making your ex jealous with this new partner is a clear sign that this is not your true love. You are just using the other half and not looking forward to committing to him. After a few days or so this hookup is gonna fall apart.

7 Secret Signs To Know If You Are In A Rebound Relationship
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5. Abrupt Behavior

If you notice your partner often lost and disconnected to you and the surrounding, she or he is perhaps lost in the ugly thoughts of the past. This can be the effect of the last breakup or the struggle to adjust in the new relationship.

6. Wanting To Repeat The Same Things

By this, we mean wanting to go and visit the same places, restaurants, clubs, hotels that you or your partner had went when the last relationship was going well. This again is just an escape from the reality tour for both of you.

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7. Not Accepting It In Public

The social media accounts of yours or your partners show no photos of dates or hangouts and relationship status still read as single or it’s complicated. What else could it indicate? This for sure is a rebound.

Now that you know the signs, be careful! In case you can not figure out how to make a ‘much-needed break up’ not a big scene, go through this 7 Ways To Break Up Without Creating A Scene | The Break Up Guide

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