7 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Shave Your Pubic Hair

Porn industry flaunts sculpted clean bodies as the epitome for perfect sex machines. Clearing of the bush is considered as more hygienic and sexually appealing. But what we actually see should it be the reality that we need to follow? Here are 7 Good reasons to not shave your pubic hair.

1. Pheromones

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Though hidden in the magic of nature pheromones are special chemicals that help to attract the person of opposite sex. This causes a natural sexual reaction and makes the couple to shed down their clothes and start exploring their bodies together. Pubic hair causes sweating in the pubic area. This sweat contains the dose of pheromones which you definitely would not want to be short of.

2. Itching

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Hair that has been cut eventually grows back. Stubble that grows over a clean pubic area causes itching around the genitals and this is made worse because of the sensitive skin that surrounds this area.

3. Since the Pubic skin is so sensitive…

Well, the sensitive pubic skin is bound to get irritated with the razor used or the shaving cream or the other chemicals or methods involving removal of hair. Things could lead to razor burn, ingrown hair and allergic reactions. This makes taking the risk not worth it.

4. Genital warts

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Since there is the cushion of pubic hair between the bodies involved in sexual activity the chances of genital warts are significantly decreased. Have that safe intercourse with thick grown bush!

5. The time investment

The hair will keep coming back, the blades will require a change, and time will be needed to make sure you cut just the right things. Isn’t it better to keep yourself free in this already busy world?

6. Gender symbol

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Men since time immemorial have been associated with ruggedness. Cleaning things out to the extent that body may begin to resemble a newborn babe could confuse the natural instincts that society has associated with sexuality.

7. Pubic hair controls the body temperature

The sweating and the oils that secrete from the hair follicles helps to maintain the body temperature when they evaporate. With the extra layer of underwear, it is important to keep the genital nicely cool.

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