There Is A Disturbing Link Between Pet Abuse And Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an ugly truth of our society. Whatever may be the reasons or factors leading to domestic violence, it is a punishable and inexcusable crime. Studies show that various factors lead to domestic abuse. A child who was abused during his early years by his family or has witnessed violence in his community from the very beginning is likely to be abusive to his partner. He feels the need to be able to control his partner due to low self-esteem, extreme jealousy or other psychological reasons.

How Cruelty To Animals Links With Domestic Abuse
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It’s not easy predicting whether a person will be abusive as a partner by simply meeting them. But there are some noticeable traits that such people share in common. One such factor is cruelty to animals. A person who is violent against animals is likely to abuse his partner in a relationship too.

How Cruelty To Animals Links With Domestic Abuse
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The Link

The link between acts of cruelty to animals and domestic violence is quite evident. There have been reports of cases where the pet animals of the victims of domestic violence were abused by the abuser. The type of people who abuse animals have a very aggressive nature and consider humans to be superior to other animals. The same type of people believes that women can never be equal to men.

Steps need to be taken to safeguard both the victims of domestic violence and the animals that face abuse too. There are various helpline numbers to call when witnessing domestic violence or facing domestic violence. There is also legislation in India regarding this matter, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005). As for animal abuse, there is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960).

But how far can these acts be of any help if there is no awareness among the masses?

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  • 38% of Indian men admit they have physically abused their partners. But according to actual statistics, in India, 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. The statistics show it all. 

The violence of any sort should not be tolerated. We must never be the one to abuse others and should not let others be abused in our presence.

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