No Guy Should Do These 10 Things In Bed While Having Sex

From our professional lives to our bedrooms, there are certain etiquettes everyone must abide by. A lot of people complain about how their male partners did not have their act sorted while they were in bed. Things like this makes sex very one-sided. The last thing one would want is to turn off their partner in the middle of the act. To clear up the confusion, we have compiled a list of 10 things that men should never do in bed while having sex.

1. Ignoring Foreplay

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This is the commonest mistake men make. Ignoring foreplay and proceeding straight to the act might sound like a pleasing idea to some but it is a great turn-off. Foreplay is as important, if not more important, as the act itself. It calms the other person and prepares the mood, and if you ignore it that is just lazy on your part.

2. Being too aggressive

Unless your partner has specifically told you to be aggressive, do NOT try things like biting and sucking, and being aggressive in general. Not everyone likes a partner who turns into a mosquito at times. If you have the green signal, go ahead by all means. But till then, keep the monster under the bed.

3. Awkward dirty talk

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Dirty talk requires skill. Otherwise it can just turn into an awkward conversation. Sure, everybody likes dirty talk, but if you don’t think you would be able to pull it off, it’s probably a better idea to scrap it altogether.

4. Talking about other sexual experiences

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Yes, you may like things one particular way but there are literally millions of other ways you can tell that to your partner without bringing up previous encounters or exes. That is the biggest turn-off ever. You may not want to put it that way but it would seem like you are comparing your partner with someone else. This gives them a false sense of insecurity, as a result of which, they do not perform well. And they begin to like you less too.

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5. Putting your weight on your partner

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Now I know some people like choking but no one loves bone crushing. It is extremely uncomfortable and quite painful. Just don’t.

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6. Being silent

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Your partner needs to know if you’re enjoying yourself! It is not unmanly to moan. It reinforces your partner’s confidence and that is good for you.

7. Paying attention to certain parts of the body only

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It’s all in the details. In what way are you special if you follow the herd? Every part of your partner’s body is important. You should definitely pay attention to the wrists, toes, stomach, which are highly erogenous zones. This will only increase your chances of being pleasured back.

8. Turning it into porn

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There is nothing sadder than making sex too mechanical. There is a difference between having a quickie and outright porn. It makes your partner feel very out of place. Be clear about how you would want it to be before you go all the way.

9. Pressuring your partner to finish

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It takes some people longer to climax. If you have finished first, do not pressurize your partner to hurry up. That would only make them nervous and delay it. Be calm, and try to aid them in finishing.

10. Not warning before climaxing

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Even if you are using protection, it is very important to let your partner know before you climax. It heightens the senses and renews the pleasure. Otherwise it can just come as an astonishment, and not the good kind.

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