5 Things To Never Say In An Interview

The thing with interviews is preparation and presence of mind. Obviously they search for the best of candidates who can cater to their particular requirements. Knowing what not to say is equally important to that of knowing what to say. We are here to help you get your much-awaited dream job. The following are the things you should never say when facing an interviewer.

1. “I Am Damn Nervous”

Do not even in your worst dreams or situations say this to your interviewer! They are not really looking for a candidate who is sweating and trembling profusely in the very first acquaintance. They won’t trouble themselves by hiring someone who looks too nervous to even start the deal. So staying confident is the key.

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2. “I’m Ready To Do Whatever”

A job interview should never sound like a slave-trading deal going on between two parties. Saying that you are ready to do anything, go to any extent to get hired. This gives them a very negative view of your self-esteem and that you are not confident to get better deals for you.

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3. “How Soon Shall I Get Promoted” 

This could just spoil your conversation and every bit of exchange the two parties(you and your interviewer) may have had earlier.By asking this you create an impression that you are not really interested in the process and the work at all but you wanna rush to the promotion.

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4. “What Do You Do Here?”

Never ask the interviewer or the recruiting party this stupid question. This makes them think that you did not do your homework at all before stepping inside the interview room or even before applying for the job.

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5. Do Not Ask About Salary Or Vacation 

It is not wise to ask about salary and holiday right away in your interview. You should not appear in a hurry to know it all in the first call. Let them first decide if you are the one they are looking forward to hire and then do the queries.Most of the times they will offer you every bit of detail if you are eventually hired.

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Now that you know the things to avoid uttering just play it cool. Here are some tips that could help you further. Remember confidence and presence of mind are what counts. Do not act over smart. Wear a nice and tidy formal to look your best.

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