My Story: Last Year I Asked My Wife & Sister If I Was Gay & They Told Me That I Was

My Story Wife Sister GayLast year I asked my wife & sister if I was gay & they told me that I was. I didn’t sleep the entire night. I just sat with my legs folded on the bed & hands on my head, moving back & forth the entire night because suddenly, everything had begun to make sense. For the longest time I was in denial & thought I was bisexual. I had been with just one girl; I dated her for 5 years & was married to her for another 5. Soon after, I told my wife that we should separate; I couldn’t be the intimate life partner that she truly deserved.                                                                                                                                                    On my 32nd birthday, we announced the divorce & I came out to my parents. I found no reason not to tell them the truth. My mom was bitterly sobbing & dad had no idea what was going on. He asked me to see a doctor & seek medication, but I told them that’s not how it works. I was willing to answer all their questions, even though I was so suicidal. But I decided against it. What was the point of it anymore? I’d already told them everything.
They kept asking me why we wanted to separate. Was it just about sex? I told them that it’s not just about sex but it’s also about the intimacy; I didn’t see a future anymore & she didn’t deserve this too. I wanted them on my side. I shared how intimacy works between me & another guy; what my routine is with him. I wanted to be honest with them. So, it took them a while to accept all that.

I’m in a very happy place now. My parents took 2-3 months to finally accept me; my dad just called me up one day & said, “I have one question. So, does this mean that one day you will find a guy, fall in love & get married?” And I said, “Eventually, yes.” He replied, “Okay. That’s all I want for you.” That came from a person who asked me to go to a doctor & get a prescription for it!

My divorce wasn’t easy. But I want to be the voice for the people who think they don’t have one, so that at least one married person will listen to this & get impacted by it & think that yes, there’s hope for me to be happy too.

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