My Story: I Came Under The Influence Of Steroids And Was Only Working Towards Gaining The Body I Desired


So let’s go back to the past where my journey began in 2014. I always studied in a boarding school where I was exposed to a disciplined environment. I was extremely interested in activities such as football, basketball, horse-riding, etc. I was also a district level lawn tennis player and a national level football player. So I was always active and naturally evolved as a fit individual because of my constant association with sports.

I was always fit, but looking at myself bare-bodied, I realized I needed to work on myself much more. I was sure I am meant to be much better than who I was.
While pursuing my hotel management degree, I joined the gym and was exposed to obvious ideas like eating eggs and chicken and everything that would give me the body I desired to have. I was also influenced by broscience and followed my gym trainers and peers without a question for almost a year.

Gradually, in 2015, I came under the influence of steroids and was only working towards gaining the body I desired. My greatest wish was to compete in the field of bodybuilding and I thought I would achieve the same through steroids.

However, the most depressing moment for me was when I began to lose out on my gains and was not able to find any correct form of guidance. A huge transformation took place when I realized the importance of naturally evolving and being fit without the influence of steroids. I began training naturally and designed my own workouts with the help of scientific knowledge. Gradually, fitness became my passion and I decided to gain more knowledge about this field and give my best to it. I managed to work along with my training and never missed a meal even when there was a hectic work schedule.

Yashovardhan Singh

I got certified in exercise science and nutrition science and decided to leave my job to be able to give my best to my passion. I joined GetSetGo in 2017 and since then have been unstoppable. I also competed in a bodybuilding show for more experience and exposure to ground realities.

Academics was never my cup of tea but when it comes to fitness, I am only into reading and upgrading my knowledge every day. I read scientific research papers and write articles about correct nutrition and fitness and focus on educating people about the same. I believe in evidence-based practice and my entire day is spent on reading, writing, training and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My mindset now is to enjoy the process and be consistent.

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Consistency and Knowledge are extremely essential, and living in the present gives me peace. So guys, focus on growing yourself as a person and as an athlete too.

Yashovardhan Singh

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