My Story: I Even Tried To Have A Relationship With A Girl To See If It Was Just Curiosity From My End

I can’t exactly tell when I came out to myself because as a child I always knew I was different, I loved playing around with my sister’s stuff, draping mom’s sari when other boys of my age were more interested in Cricket and Karate. I never felt weird doing these things because no-one in my family made it awkward for me. I attributed my feminine hand gestures to my Bharatnatyam classes. Yes occasionally my dad used to get pissed off with my antics but that was temporary.

Rahul Gopi

And then I moved to Chennai from Delhi for my engineering degree. I found myself getting attracted to boys sexually and I had a series of flings, affairs, and heartbreaks. The men with whom I got involved were all confused and closeted and had various excuses- I love girls but this is fun, this is the first and the last time (but it was never the last one :P). I myself was confused about why these things were happening, even tried to have a relationship with a girl to see if it was just curiosity from my end.

And then 2009 Delhi HC judgment came out and I started reading a lot about the community. Reaching out to people from the community. By the end of 2010, I knew I was gay but somehow there was a guilt factor attached to it. Post my engineering, I started working and things remained much the same.

Rahul Gopi Coming Out Story

During this phase, my sister helped a lot. Being a scholar in gender studies, it was easy for me to approach her with all the queries. But I never had the courage to come out to her. Then I joined MICA, Ahmedabad in 2012 for higher studies. The place helped me to liberate myself from the shackles of guilt, confusion and much more. I came out to my sister and to my close set of friends in December 2013. It felt so much better to unmask your hidden feelings and be what you are.

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And then I slowly started coming out to my friends and I was amazed that my sexuality didn’t bother them at all. We joke about it, we all go to gay parties and have fun. My friends and my sister have been a huge pillar of support. And I feel super lucky to have them. I tried to come out my parents last year and I hoped too much drama to happen, but it was a total anti-climax. They didn’t react and we haven’t discussed it after that. I guess they knew that I am different and they are ok (it’s completely my assumption) but because of the societal pressure they just want to keep things as they are. Currently, I work in the fashion & entertainment industry and my colleagues know about my sexuality. I feel people working in this sector are more open to these things and it makes me feel safe. Initially, I thought I won’t be sharing my coming out story, but I realized how important it is not for me but for others to know that you are not the only one. I know many in my circle of friends who are either bisexual or gay or queer but don’t want to come out of the closet. I feel sad and angry at the same time seeing them. If you yourself are not OK with who you are, how can you expect others to understand and respect you?

– Rahul Gopi

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