My Story: I am One of the Few Plus-Size Male Models In India

I went for a fashion show audition in my college but got rejected. Why? For them, I didn’t fit in the standard size chart that every model should abide. I was plus-size. I always thought I looked good, but at that moment I thought I was wrong the whole time.

Kais Sundrani Plus Size Model

I came back home all upset and shared the incident my closet friend Shifa. She did what a close friend does. Being a fashion designer, she motivated me to be confident and comfortable with my body. According to her, it was all about right styling, and she taught me that.

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It was my second year of the degree college, and I went for Bombay Times Fresh Face competition, and they rejected me again. Yes! Due to my weight. All dejected, I came back home and spoke to my parents, and all they said ‘beta kids of your size were considered ROYAL back then’ and that’s what kept me going and stay motivated. By that time I had decided in my mind that I will become a model, no matter what comes.

Kais Sundrani Plus Size Model

The very next month I heard that Lakme Fashion Week was looking for models. I applied for the same and went to the audition and to my surprise I got selected amongst the Top 5 men’s all over India among 300 participants. That’s when I got my big break.

Kais Sundrani Plus-Size Model Men

That day I realized that it’s you who should define you not others. I’m sure if I would have got selected in that college fashion show I might not have applied for Lakme Fashion Week. Whatever happens, happens for good. Its been two years I’ve been walking for Lakme Fashion Week and also shot for few online shopping portals. I am one of the few plus-size male models in India, and I am proud of it.

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To the one who is reading this, all I can say is be comfortable in your skin if you aspire to rock on stage or off stage.

Kais Sundrani

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